Friday, March 26, 2010

Let the Fairy in You Fly
~Rufus Wainwright

Natalie turned ten, which is only two and a half in leap-year terms, but still I feel sad. Every day she gets older, and it's hard to accept. Tonight, I pondered this certainty as I scrolled through the photos of her life, my throat growing tighter with each passing year.

After looking through her birthday photos, I ventured back to these~ two little fairy houses she made last fall. They are a tangible reminder that she is still a child. Since she was three, she could be found making houses for the fairies in the forest, shrubs, garden, or attic. She has always been enchanted by the extraordinary and loves to dream about magical places that ought to be.

Although our sweet sprite has removed one delicate foot from childhood and is advancing in a new direction, she's still only a walk in the woods away from her authentic self~ the pull is strong, and that brings me comfort.

Life creeps along for a child, but is fast and fleeting for her parents.
In time the houses will be forgotten and settle at last in the soil, but for today I will smile, grateful that they stand.


Jek said...

OH that made me happy sad. I have always loved Natalie! SHe is the cutest girl ever. I thought she was just the most darling girl I had ever seen. I had no idea she would just keep gettin MORE beautiful with age. What i love about her is that not only is she beautiful on the outside she is truly more beautiful on the inside. And her massages are UNBELIEVABLE!! happy Birthday you sweet Natalie. I also love how creative she is and always has been. 4.5 years ago she wrote fairy books while ALexis was in the NICU and this past winter she was ALexis secret Alice the SugarPlum fairy and was SO thoughtful and clever. Alexis was in dream land over it!

VEGAS VIC said...

I loved your post featuring Natalie. She looks so beautiful in the pictures. Like Jek said,she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside.
I loved having her stay with us in Las Vegas, and I will always think about her and I going to see Phantom and shopping together. We are glad she is out grandaughter.

Gram and Gramp

Mitch said...

Jenni and I always talk about how much fun we have with Natalie. I've always been jealous that i've never gotten one of her famous massages. One day maybe? Hopefully one of these days Jenn and Nick will let Natalie fly out here and stay with us in Boise. There are limitless possibilities of fun out there Natalie! Happy Birthday! Love ya!

Anjie said...

Sweet Natalie,
I have always secretly wanted to whisk you away and make you my daughter. You are 10 going on 25 and for the sake of my heart you need to slow down. I appreciate your conversation and writing skills. You are so mature and very creative. Your drive will do you well in life. I love your concern and tenderness with me, my family and others around you. You have a compassionate heart for someone so young. I love that about you. I also love that you are tough and can get dirty. I know my boys don't want to wrestle you for many reasons, but the first is that they probably will get beaten. You are a tough cookie.

I feel so privileged to have you in my life and watch you grow up. The first 10 years have been all smiles and wonderful. I can't wait for the next 10 plus. Happy birthday pretty, smart, fun, interesting, creative and sweet Natalie.

Kimmie said...

You could make this post into a book...your writing skills are just incredible Jennifer!

The way you described growing up while still being young, tugged at my heart strings! It's hard for our young ones to grow up.

What a beautiful and sweet daughter Natalie is to you and Nick and from reading the other comments it sounds like she is one amazing and caring girl to others as well.

Cherish each and every moment. I have had my throat tighten lately, looking through past photos of my sweet boys that are growing up way too quickly. I just wish I could slow down the growing process just a bit. Ethan just turned 8 and Jade will be 16.

Thanks for helping me reflect and ponder on my sweet darlings that I still have at home and for writing and expressing your feelings about Natalie in such a beautiful way!

Your talent never ceases to amaze me and your photos are gorgeous as well! Isn't it a blessing to have photos to look back and remember sweet memories!

Jayne Layne said...

What a great post! Natalie is such a fun niece to have. She is so cute with Naomi and she is so giving to her Aunties! Anytime I want a massage or pedicure she always gives me the best one! Love ya Nat! So glad you are my niece!

Jenni and Mitch Miller said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I couldn't ask for a better niece! I had such a fun time with you at the beach last summer and I can't wait until we live closer to each other so we can be best friends! xoxo, Aunt Jenni

Ann Marie said...

Oh.. such a beautiful post!!

Happy 10th to your beautiful little girl.. and what sweet and heartfelt things you have shared about her.

Hope all is well with you.. I'm sure you are super busy.. so I havent called.. even though I would love to chat again! XO

eggy said...

Love to see that you got your sweet Natalie in some pretty pink attire! If it were up to her, I'm sure that she would have liked to be a black shirted fairy!? ;)

Natalie really is one of a kind. I tell everyone that will listen that if I were to have had a little girl, she would be just like Natalie Markoff. I love how she questions everything, is dainty like a butterfly...but will run around and play rough and tumble with the boys too.

You and Brother Nick really lucked out with her! I'm also super excited that in 6-8 more years she might want to date one of the Martinis boys!!

Love ya Nat,


partii said...

she bootiful like her momma!

great post jennifro, wish we could hit the "slow mo" button on life sometimes.

jill said...

I have such WONDERFUL memories of Natalie!!! She and Nicholas were the light of my life when I lived in the basement many years ago. I remember her little afro toddling into my bedroom and her BIG blue eyes looking up at me from the side of my bed. SO PRECIOUS!!! We loved each other and always will. I will ALWAYS treasure that time when I had a sweet, dreamy, blue eyed doll to play with! I LOVE you sweet Natalie! Never change, you're wonderful just as you are!

careymc said...

What a darling girl. Liam just turned 10 a couple of days ago. Bitter bitter sweet....

Suzanne said...


Oh, how I have missed you!! You have been on my thoughts all the time! I hope that everything is going well and that you have not lost your sanity. I send you all my happy and loving vibes to you!

Natalie is 10! Holy Canoly! She is a beautiful girl and she looks like her mama! It seems she has an imagination larger than life and that will serve her so well as she gets older! Well done on cherishing her everyday of her life!

April is now here and I am betting that you are on the count down. Breathe, enjoy and do not worry. You are doing a righteous work and He will make everything work out! You are a phenominal lady and I love your guts! -Suzanne

Me said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Your daughter is beautiful. And I have to agree with should start writing for some magazine or something. You just have a way with words to capture and move your audience.

I hope everything is good with you and your family. I still think of that one night at Olive Garden all the time. You and your sisters are all so neat. Thanks for letting me tag along.

Up in Bubbles said...

What a beautiful girl from the inside out. I could hang out with her all day and have. She is always willing and finding ways to help me. She gives the best meassages I have ever had. I just love this girl and hope my little darling turns out just like her. What an awesome example she is for all her little girl cousins who are going to want to be just like her.
I love you Natalie and and wish you the very best on your birthday and year round. Lots of love to you beautiful, darling girl!
Loves Aunt Kelley