Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moon Child
and her 39 things

Flying stream of consciousness-like through another year
left behind...

I use music to enhance my mood every day. I like to feel things to the fullest...happy is Chili Peppers dancing in the kitchen happy; sad is Enya in the earphones.

Never give up. After 38 years, my hair woes changed overnight.

There's finally something to order at McDonalds, it's name is Southwest Salad.

I am for the first time feeling part of my community.

80% of the people I've wondered about for eons materialized before my eyes last December and I am still reeling from the miracle of it all.

I believe cute clothes are everywhere.

I will never tire of reading my zodiac sign. It's bookmarked and every few months I click on it to see if it's "me." I like to imagine the universe and everything in it is synchronized in some miraculous way.

I am described as a Moon Child and although I have no idea what that is, I love the sound of it.

I am also labeled "moody" which of course I don't buy.

I walked into F 21 a few months ago and realized that indeed history repeats itself. It was pure nostalgia studying the mannequins of my youth dressed in bubble skirts, ripped leggings, checked flannel prints and mod hats. For a moment I would've sworn I was in Contempo at the Meadows Mall circa 1988.

Sometimes the issues you feel most passionately about in the night, mean nothing in the morning.

Exercise is my friend.

Loving relationships of all kind are the greatest gifts given by God to us all.

It's okay to change your mind, even when people don't understand.

After 14 years of wearing flip flops in the river I bought a great pair of water shoes.

I miss reading nursery rhyme books on a regular basis. I miss this bad.

When you reach out, unexpected and good things happen.

I decided the best movie experience I have ever had was at BYU's International Cinema seeing "Cinema Paradiso" for the first time. I went with my darling French boyfriend whose eyes brimmed with tears during the final minutes of the film. This caused me to scoot forward in my seat, turn around and look behind me to find a hundred illuminated faces intently fixed on the romantic scene. I'll never forget the light reflecting off their weeping eyes.

I have been reminded this year of how much my parents love me.

It was worth moving every last thing out to get our floors stained dark.

I am thrilled my littlest brother is marrying such a wonderful girl.

Turquoise is my new favorite color.

I have discovered black and white cookies from Vie de France and find I can think of little else late at night.

The "ring" predicts four kids for me. Last year it was five. Even the universe gave up on me apparently.

Do not doubt Nick when he's got vision. I always end up "taking it back."

Bagpipes make me wish for another time and place.

If I were a super hero. I would be a time traveler without question. I would do anything to visit the past. The future doesn't interest me much.

I love finding new songs to obsess with. Vanilla Twilight (Owl City) Never Say Never (The Fray) Hard to Concentrate (RHCP) are my current flavors.

With old friends the roots go deep...can't be easily yanked.

I resist my kids growing up but have to embrace it if I want them to like me.

I bought myself a new wedding ring for my birthday.

Five of us six kids live within two miles. I'll never know how it happened.

I miss my grandparents and their homes just as much as I always thought I would when I was young and imagined them gone.

Spirituality takes effort.

I love lifting weights and feeling stronger... it makes me proud to lift our HEAVY garage doors with ease.

When you need to be "checked" it's those that love you most who do it.

I love texting.

I have my 40th birthday party in my head. I hope it comes to pass.

I am a Cancer; I oppose change, and although I hate the wrinkles around my eyes, I am just beginning to see the wisdom in it all.


Mrs. Organic said...

I'm a Cancer too (please email me your zodiac link - I'd love it).

Cinema Paradiso is a beautiful movie. I'm so glad you've posted again.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back "old wise one". You never cease to amaze me, Jennifer. I feel it an honor to know you. Aunt Nancy

Me said...

It was a full moon last night, so this post was truly inspired.

Great list though. I learned a few things about you that I didn't know before. I hope your 40th birthday bash comes to pass too, although I don't know quite when it is. And that's pretty neat that you live so close to family. I moved closer to mine, but see them less, if that makes any sense!

Jayne Layne said...

Wow, its been a while! What a great post, I loved your list. Lucky to have you as my sister. I didn't realize you were 39, I thought you were 37.

Tiff said...

That's so funny because I've begun planning my 30th birthday bash as well. If I recall correctly, my 30th will be just a few weeks after your 40th next year. Let me know if you have any fun party ideas!


SaraBerry said...

YEAH!! So glad your posting again. I started bawling when you wrote about Grandma and Grandpa. I miss them so bad, but I sometimes feel like they aren't really to far away from us. Great post! Love ya.

Kimmie said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you!! What a wonderful list that I enjoyed greatly as I read it. Thanks for inspiring me with such depth and things for pondering with the things you listed. You have such a clever and wonderful way of writing and I enjoy it very much.

I'm turning 39 next month as well. It's amazing how quickly life passes us by. Isn't it ironic that when you're a teenager you want life to speed up and when you get our age, you wish you could slow it down.

I enjoy your blog alot!! Hope your day was everything you had hoped it would be. Enjoy!

Ann Marie said...

Oh my friend.. Tonight is glorious! There is a new post from YOU! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he-he)

Chili peppers is happy music for me too! I used to be in love with Anthony when he had long hair. I will post a picture of it one day...

Are not all women moody sometimes?

About Passion.. Amen.

Excercise is my friend the past 3 months too.. but unfortunately so is food.

When is Mitch getting hitched?

I want to see these new stained floors!

Twinners on the time travel my friend.. Ditto all your thoughts!

WAY NOT twinners with texting.

Can I just say I LOVE you! Love this post.. and glad you havent quit the blog...yet...

Jennifer Mella said...

Sometimes I'll read a blog and get insanely jealous at how well written, creative, intriguing, moving, emotionally in-tuned and just all around amazing it would be one of those times. I LOVED this Jen!

jill said...

I feel it an honor to know you as well Jennifer. Thanks for being a wonderful sister and an even better friend. This post helps me look to the future with dreamy hope and cheerful enthusiasm. Keep doing what you're doing, being happy with who you are and what you're doing is such a gift.xoxoxox

Jek said...

I am always learning tons from you, really you are the and i just love the great sister, friend and teacher you are to me. Really i look up to you tons and i am glad to see you may be back on the blogging circuit. You have a lot of creative, smart things in that ultra padded head of yours! And i feel somewhat guilty and responsible that your hair ISSUES weren't solved by me 12 years ago. I would have saved you a lot money on infomercial products and SISTA products from the web.

Up in Bubbles said...

that was well written and fun to read! can you do one for me on my 34th birthday! Great pic of the moon child or did you photoshop two pictures together using your photoshop prowess?

Rebecca said...

So happy to have posts from you again. Hope you enjoyed (and it sounds like you did) a wonderful summer. And btw, this is a great way to update us all in this post.

Mitch said...

Cool list sister! The one with all FIVE of you living in close distance really pissed me off though. Don't let that happen again. I like to forget that it's actually happening. LOVE YA!

everything pink! said...

jen, jen, jen!
ok first of all happy birthday!
I am said i don't have the option of being invited to your 40th extravaganza!

You are the most amazing writer! Jen I feel like I know a whole new you and am convinced I need to be spending more time with you before I move.

happy late day!!