Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carry you to bed

Tonight I am lonesome for my children, 
for childhood.

Gone too soon 
are the days of projects on the floor--
bits of paper rough-cut with scissors 
and shreds of tape at their edges.
Green army men pitched high over heads,
making their way from room to room.
The comfort of a "B," a beloved blankie, 
that smells of cake and candy 
and the timeless scent of Baby Magic that will 
linger on my fingertips forever.

Moments in time--
fleeting, fast-flying days of childhood.
Gone too soon.

Let me kneel beside your bed and hold tight 
in the coziness of your room, 
where soon serene and beautiful you will sleep.
In the warmth of your breath I will kiss you
and ache in the presence of your love.

I will remember these days,
as I wade through the toys on the floor,
just as they are now.
For there is only so long 
that I can carry you to bed.


Mrs. Organic said...

So beautifully expressed.

Ann Marie said...

Oh my.. Did you write that??
It makes me want to go wake up my kids and kiss them. So cute!
Darling photos! Your little one as a newborn makes me happy!!

Thanks for your comments. :)
I was laughing. I'll have to e-mail you tomm. with some questions about it. Thanks for all of the input. Really. ♥ Ann

Jayne Layne said...

That was sweet. Makes me wish my unborn kids never grow up or get old, or for that matter ever really see the cruelness of the world. Well written and darling pictures. I miss those little kiddies.

Jek said...

That picture captures your little kids perfectly. That is the little Markoff family that we'll always remember. So sweet. Great writing, woah, who are you?

jill said...

Boo-hoo! That made me want to bawl my eyes out! That was really beautiful!

Suzanne said...

That was beautiful and I loved the pictures. Funny, I have been having those same thoughts for a while now. Hmmm...deep thoughts that my baby is growing up! Great job! It was beautiful! -Suzanne

partii said...

we can always have more!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's what she said!

careymc said...

I can't read this tonight or I'll cry (it's been a day). But the pictures are precious, Jennifer. You have such beautiful kids. :)

Mitch said...

Sick poem! Good job! Maybe i'll hire you out to write the lyrics,and i'll make the music? That made me sad, and i don't even have kids. I just watched a show on polygamy. Maybe i'll just have several wives so there is always little kids to love. Hmmmm....something to think about Nick.

Tiff said...

Beautiful. I think often the kids even appreciate how precious those moments are. I remember when I was getting a bit too big to be carried to bed and once or twice I fell asleep on the sofa. My dad would pick me up anyway (his poor back). I was older, so I actually usually woke up, but I always still pretended to sleep--the moment was much too precious to waste by waking up and walking myself to bed.

Anonymous said...

oh I loved that. Just a great reminder.

VEGAS VIC said...

Was that just the cutest of all pictures? I bet there isn't anyone who isn't wondering what those two kids were looking at. Plus in my true to nature form, I was hoping they couldn't lean against the window and fall out.
The whole idea of not carrying kids to bed anymore is a tender thought in itself. I liked the post.

JENNIFRO said...

so nice so nice

JENNIFRO said...

thank you thank you that's my mom