Monday, February 11, 2008

The 80's are BACK!

I'm the first counselor in the Stake Young Women's Presidency, and I love it. I was in charge of the Valentine's Dance last Saturday. It was for several stakes and ended up being huge--270 kids. Most of the kids dressed in pink and/or black or 80's. There were prizes for best moonwalk (one cute black boy was an awesome Michael wannabe), best 80's hairstyle and best dressed. Nick came and set up the huge blowup projector that they got for the Haunted Forest last fall. I had no idea it was so gigantic! We played 80's music videos on it and it turned out to be really cool effect--especially Thriller. He also hung the HF lights with lanterns on them, which added a ton of atmosphere. Matt H took candid pictures throughout the night, and near the end, we projected them all onto the big screen as a slideshow--that was a hit. The food was yummy and festive. One other really fun detail was the speed dating--which took place in a room outside of the dance--the kids were CRAZY for that. It was really fun to be part of such a fun activity--but even more fun to see it crossed off my calendar!


Jayne Layne said...

How fun! You guys did a great job! That sounds really fun...I wish I was there!

jill said...

This looks FABULOUS!! Great job! That's a lot of kids, I'm sure they loved it! So, when are you heading up the thirty-something dance you've talked about?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, 80's night! Great planning and little touches. Even the speed dating sounded fun.