Friday, February 22, 2008

Are you green with envy?

For Christmas, Natalie got a darling pink Crosley CD player and three cds:  Annie, Wicked and Phantom of the Opera.  Not a day (hardly an hour) has passed since Christmas, that we haven't heard "Defying Gravity," "Popular," or "The Phantom of the Opera" blasting from somewhere in the house. Aside from the fact that Nicholas thinks his life is tortured now, it was more than a jackpot of a present.  Anyway, for the past month I have been asking Natalie what she wants to do for her BIG birthday--she turns eight next week.

I've given her lots of options--the best being an awesome horseback riding party out at the farm, since she loves horses.  Her response was, "Well, what I really want, is to go to Broadway and see Wicked."  Glory Hallelujah!!  What mother on earth could ask for a better birthday party?  No invitations, no decorations, no goody bags.....and a trip to New York for me! She has spent so much time memorizing the words and working on "becoming Elphaba" over the past two months, how could we possibly deny such a sweet request? Nick tried, believe me, but no avail.  

Anyway, we're surprising her, of course.  She has no idea we're going--and maybe we won't be, if we don't get our tickets reissued.  Two days ago, Nick came in and said go look at your tickets out on the lawn.  What?  Sure enough, I go out and Lucky (stupid dog) has shredded the Fed Ex envelope to bits along with all four tickets.  Stinkin' dog. I nearly died.   Well, I can't imagine they won't buy the "dog ate my tickets" story at the box office.  Needless to say, it's going to be a great trip.  She is going to LOVE it and Nicholas is going to pretend to love it, if it kills him.  Two days ago Natalie came in and said, "Mom, I've decide something...

I'm not getting married until I'm 30, cause I'm going to Broadway to be Elphaba." 
And she just might.  After all, wasn't it her very own mother who was just a cut away from starring in Les Mis?  (sad, sad story)


Jek said...

How fun!! She will just die!! I can't believe it!!! I can't wait to here how she loves it!

Purple Magic said...

Hello again!!! I just looked around your blog again!!! Wicked tickets have just gone on sale here in Australia and my 17yr old is despereate to go, after seeing your picks I think I just have to get her tickets!!! :)