Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kitchen Charm

This is a butter bell, and if you have one you know how awesome they are. Not only are they much cuter than a slab of butter on a plate, but they keep your butter fresh and soft all the time. Someone once pointed out to me that butter is a dairy product so why do we think it can just sit out all the time. I have no idea if this is a problem, but I do like the concept of this cute little crock. They come in ton of colors and styles.

Another favorite of mine, is the English egg coddler. This is the style I have and I found it on ebay; there are always lots of them on there. My kids absolutely love it when I make eggs this way. My sister in law introduced them to me--and they are so charming and fun. It's kind of like making an omelette in a jar. All you do is crack one or two (depending on size of jar) eggs into them, add salt, pepper, cheese, onion, mushrooms, ham etc. screw on the lid, and boil the little crock. The eggs come out SO good and they are ever so darling sitting on a breakfast plate.

Now this adorable tea kettle, I do not own. But I have loved it from afar for years now. I am so close to breaking down and buying it. I just wish Mackenzie Childs herself would send me one! ...SOMEDAY!


kristi said...

i am so fine with butter sitting out all day,it was how my grandma did it. i love the french ones on the site you linked

The Anthony Family said...

Just me....still hating you! You are too cute! And who doesn't love a little Makenzie...it's the best, too bad she knows it, or she wouldn't charge us so much! Love--Becca

jill said...

I LOVE the tea kettle!! And I had no idea that the egg thingy did all that!

Jayne Layne said...

I want that tea kettle and I really want that egg maker. WHO KNEW!