Sunday, March 23, 2008


I love this photo.  It was taken last Easter out at the farm, right after the hunt for the "golden egg." Every year Chief (Nick's dad) hides one egg with a series of very abstract clues, and we try to find it.  This is for adults only--since it's filled with lots of money.  We all go crazy running around looking in water troughs, trees, old busses, barns, hay bales trying our darndest to find the thing.  Last year, as luck would have it--Nick (with Nicholas's help) found it inside the corncrib up in a rafter inside a bird's nest.  It was very exciting--mostly just to outsmart the rest--we're a very competitive group! This year our usual traditions were put on hold, since four of the six families had sick kids.  But that didn't stop the bunny from coming to our house. Look at the weight he's put on!

We had our own little family breakfast.  Nick made a yummy puff pancake with apples and cinnamon and berries and yogurt on the side.  The kids had a blast looking for all the eggs--it doesn't take much to please them.  We got a fun call after breakfast.  My friend invited me and the three oldest kids to go to the Washington DC egg roll tomorrow morning. 

She and her son camped out in line last Thursday night and were two of the last 25 to get tickets.  Boy did we get lucky--I've heard it's an amazing experience.  It sure was nice of her to think of us.  I just hope I don't get lost going to DC.  Those who know me, know that this is a very real and frightening possibility.  The last time I drove downtown, I got so lost (pre cell phone days) that after about two hours, I actually considered pulling over and waiting until morning--when either the search crews or Nick's dad going to work might find me.  To this day, I don't know how I made it home.  Wish me luck, George.


up in bubbles said...

That sounds fun. Kelley and I were just talking about that today. How fun that would be to be able to go and participate in the egg roll or whatever it is they do over there on Pennsylvania Ave. Who was the friend?

up in bubbles said...
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jill said...

I'll put your name in the temple. Then maybe you'll make it to the Easter Egg Roll.