Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear old Dad

I have NO doubt that I am probably committing a blog cardinal sin here, but I am pretty much copying this post word for word from my sister (sorry jek!).  Not to mention ticking my dad of major when he sees this picture he despises has made it on another site (sorry pa!).  But the thing is, this post is just so classic to me that I have to have it for my own.  It so epitomizes the type of stuff my dad is known for, and I just never want to forget.  Enough of the excuses.  
Take it away Jessica....

So many of us do our banking online, right?  That way we can see what checks have cleared, check our balance etc.  Well this is how my pops does his banking. In addition to calling the automated bank operator his "girlfriend" he likes to know precisely what his account is up to at all times.  So he gets an index card and writes down all the check numbers that his checkbooks hold.  Then when he writes a check he writes down the amount next to the check number and scratches the check number and amount out when it has cleared.

Another Dad thing.

So we all have cell phones that we store our phone numbers in, and when we are done we simply press the delete button and delete the number.  This is how Dad does it.  He has pages and pages of this old checkbook register and he knows exactly where each number is.  Pure madness.  Dad calls this his "palm pilot."

I could probably find my old address from college 9 years ago scratched out in here 
somewhere. So even though he hasn't given in to all the fancy technological toys, he does have one addiction.

His cell phone!

He calls all his kids multiple times a day just to check things out, (or just to use his phone).  If you say something he doesn't like he starts pushing the keys over and over (and over and over) until you want to go crazy.  Then he asks if you got the "text message."  Our dad is kind of a freakazoid, but... the best, sweetest, funniest, kindest freakazoid in the world.

Thanks Sis for this great post--you captured him!


eggy said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud today. Since I know your wonderful Father pretty well, I got a huge kick out of the "text message" part. That is such his personality, I love it.

The Anthony Family said...

I just want to make sure that my number is somewhere on that notepad. Just the thought makes me smile. I love him. Do you know about the time he made my niece cry because he kept calling her the wrong name all was pretty funny!!

jill said...

Dad is like NO other. You have to see him and all his shizzy to believe him.

jill said...

Egg, I love seeing you around these parts. Good insight too...