Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Friend Kim

I am so lucky to have Kim as my friend. I met her my freshman year in college, and we have been kindred spirits ever since. She is one of those people who light up the room with an energy that is contagious.  She sparkles!   Kim has always been beyond creative but her recent delve into painting really"takes the cake!" (see below)

Kim is non-stop!  Even with five kids at home, she has learned how to keep her life fun and stimulating.  She has an incredibly charming and eclectic home that really reflects the person she is and the things she loves.  I am so inspired by the life she has created for herself.  

After every visit, which is only about once or twice a year, I leave her feeling happy, motivated, and totally grateful for our friendship.

What impresses me most about Kim, is her resiliency.  She has been through more hard stuff in her life than most people I know, but you'd never guess it.  Her outlook is always one of gratitude, optimism and hope.  She is truly a remarkable woman.

I am so blessed to have her as my life long friend.  AFFFFRRRROOOOO!!!!!


jill said...

I second all of that!!!

eggy said...

The last comment on this post...is it an ode to "Tooooommmmmmyyyyy, you kileded my Bruthas, they was my oooonnnnllyyyy Bruthas...I want revenge. Affffrrrrooooss, I want revenge."?

WARNING: This is an Rated R film, use caution when viewing da clip.


funkitup said...

JENNIFER MILLER!!!!!!Yes, you are Miller to me when you are in trouble! I am not living up to such compliments! I think the same thing about you....strange how such close friends love each other so dearly! Eric is cracking me up with the lingo too! Maybe the next time I am able to paint, I should do one of the Vegas Chicks...without the wrinkles or the flabby stomaches, and with the boob jobs and lipo...could be very, very inspiring to some of us! Love you-dearly-Kim-tang

JENNIFRO said...

HUGE GRIN, friends! DId you know that our dear Eric is 40 next week!? Where has it gone?

I'm ALL about Vegas Chicks Reconstructed. : )

(just make sure you paint Jill wearing her units!)