Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Come into my parlor said the
spider to the fly..."

I like to put books on here that my kids enjoy. Tony DiTerlizzi, the illustrator who did  "The Spiderwick Chronicles", illustrates this classic poem.  It is such a great book to own.  The pictures are all black and white, very cleverly done, and really capture the mood of the poem. My five year old loves it the most.  It's a great book to talk about how looks can be deceiving and stranger discussions etc.  I've also used this poem in lessons for the teenage girls at church. It's a great attention-getter when discussing avoiding temptation and how you can slowly, slowly be worn down, if you're not careful.  My mom used to tell us.."First you abhor it, next you accept it, then you embrace it." This phrase really applies here.  YW lesson in a nutshell! Anyway, great all around book for all ages.


Elisa said...

hi, I can't remember if I have ever commented before but I have been lurking for a while. I added you to my "daily destinations" links I hope you don't mind. It's just that you are a daily destination of mine...or weekly depending on how much I am blogging at the moment.

I LOVE this book! Have you read the Thingamajigs Book of Manners? VERY good, and I am not sure if I spelled that right.

JENNIFRO said...

Thanks for the comment Elisa! I am so flattered to be a daily destination! I will definitely check our your book. I love getting good recommendations.