Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's your day Kimosabe!

Happy Birthday to my best pal. 
(he loves a good costume)


jill said...

Happy Birthday NICK! The big 5-0 you look AWESOME!

I love ya!

cavemenhistory said...

have so much fun! is my brother Christopher's b-day. He loves nick!

cavemenhistory said...

sorry...this is sarah. I somehow was on my husbands login:)

Jek said...

NICK NICK NICK!!! Or should i say Cinderella,
today take a break from all the cooking, cleaning, mending, painting, drywalling, plantin, digging, folding, hanging, excavating, babysitting, and washing Jen's hair. You deserve a day off. But oh yeah, that wouldn't make a great day!!! You are the greatest!! happy Birfday!

love ya , jek

JENNIFRO said...

THAT WAS HILARIOUS (and accurate)!!!

Jayne Layne said...

Nicoli! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I echo what Jek says. Take a day off and relax! In fact make your birthday wish be for Jen to finish the attic :)

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! Love ya!

Robert said...

Happy birthday, Nick! You are truly a man of the people. Nick for President!

Jek said...

Hey Nick, this is Karen using Jek's site.
Happy Birthday.
We are going to give you the best thing one can give. TIME! WE'RE GIVING OUR TIME TO YOU! We are going to give you a whole week and then some right in your home.
That should really excite you!
We do hope that your birthday is just great.
Karen and John

up in bubbles said...

From all of us over here in the ghetto, Happy Birthday!! You're the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday you handsome Indian!! We were traveling, but thought about you and discussed our great love the N the P. Much love, The Martinis Fam

Anonymous said...

jeez it feels like I'm an adult having you this age. I never knew it would happen so quick. Anyways, it happened that you turned 39. I wonder what I'm gonna look like when I'm your age. Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have so much fun. Now I hope you will not get older because that hair of yours is blacker than ever and I want to let you know, that school is going good but it would be better if you were younger. Now I want to tell you that I love you and i hope that you'll have a great day on your birthday.
and it feels like your only twenty.

Love your lovely daughter,


eggy said...

Happy Birthday Nick, Nicolaii, the Partii, Poonti, BaJaiGuy, with Da Blue Eye! This is the uneventful year we are going to be partying in OLD MEXICO! Aiy chihuahua! I'll make sure to buy you a steak at Acadero Cien! Keep the hot stuff out of your mouth no matter how many pesos they try to give you!

Mitch said...


Anonymous said...

I am really scared of Mitch's picture. Hello Freddy Crugger, but worse........ Sorry to leave this on Nick's infamous page, but I had to... no where else to go. Can't even go to bed... will have nightmares.. (Anjie M.--- still don't know my password. LOSER!!!)

Barb said...

That is an awesome photo!
(my man is also an April 3 baby, how about that?)