Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 2:  Jamestown

If you ever go to Williamsburg, do not miss Jamestown!  It is such an awesome place.  They have recreated a Powhatan (Pocahontas was one) Indian village, a early colonial settlement and replicas of three boats that sailed from England to Jamestown, back in the day.  Sometimes I wonder where I've left my brain, because I've visited these places lots of times, and I never remember a thing about the history.  The kids had a blast here, especially on the ships.  Like Williamsburg, there are people in period costumes everywhere reading and willing to answer questions and tell you all about life during those times.  We all learned a lot.

Little Chick refused to take her hat off for even a second.  The only time we got it off her (along with her shirt) was when she threw up, yet again, all over.  Hating that part!  But she really did stay in good spirits surprisingly.  She knew her only option was sitting on the bus--she ain't stupid.

The kids loved all demonstrations and nearly every picture we took had these same expressions--listening mode.  They were pretty captivated by everything.

The ships were a hit!  We all had a good time exploring them. When you learn the traveling conditions these poor people endured it's makes you NEVER want to cry about a long five hour flight again!  One group of colonists literally sat in the harbor for six weeks waiting for a wind to take them--all under deck.  Passengers were not allowed on the deck.  Can you IMAGINE being in the hole of a little boat for six weeks knowing the trip hadn't even started yet? Unreal.

This is something every family should do.  All the cousins had such a fun time together.  One of the most memorable vacations I ever took as a kid was going to Disneyland with my cousins and grandparents in their motorhome.  I absolutely LOVED that trip.  I think my kids will have much the same feeling for this past weekend.  I know I will.

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