Friday, May 30, 2008

Out and About

Last Saturday we took Jayne antiquing to Lucketts, Va to some of our favorites stores.  We had a super day.  The weather was great and the company even better.

We let little chick come with us since she was dying to have a day with the girls.  There are far too many boys in her life, so this was a nice break for her.

I hadn't been to the Design House before and it was awesome.  There were so many amazing rooms--all completely furnished and put together.  I went away a bit depressed since I always leave feeling like I want to redo everything in my house.

I saw a really cool room with damask textured wallpaper and they had painted over it in black. I should've gotten a picture because surprisingly, I loved it!  Since everything else in the room was light, the black was a really great backdrop. I am now determined to put wallpaper somewhere in mi casa!  I'm thinking Nick's office.  Watch out Nick--make way for roses!

The only downer of the day, was the pickins weren't so great.  The week before had been their yearly sale, so from what I could tell all the good stuff was gone.  To tell you the truth, sometimes it's nice to come home empty handed (I can't believe I just said that!).

I love what they've done with the front of the store--cuter green than before and really creative artwork.  Beekeeper's Cottage (below) is always cute, I think.

This was a cool vignette.  They had a ton of reproductions blown up huge and I liked the effect.

I've always loved these stairs.  I'm so tempted to do this in my attic but won't decide just yet.

I think this picture is darling.  The colors worked so well with her outfit.  Such a cheery photo.

Oddly enough, this was Jayne's first VA antiquing trip.  I hadn't realized that she'd never been before.  The majority of her time spent out here was pre house-decorating-marriage days. When she was young the LAST thing she wanted to talk about was decorating stuff.  Now that she's a big girl--things have really changed....

...atta girl.


jill said...

That was such a fun day! There's nothing like getting away to look at old things in old houses.

Annban10 said...

I agree with blogger Jill's comment~Old things and Old houses... *sigh*..

I can't wait to go do that all day next saturday here in Utah.

I Love, Love the white chair and stairs. What isn't cute with roses?? I have never seen it on the stairs like that before..

I love wallpaper, and when I redo my bathrooms, I'm putting it in my master bath. My friends and family just cringe, but I love the look of the textured white stuff I see all of the time in old movies.. I wish you would have taken a picture of the black, because I just can't imagine it...

I think if I ever make it out to the East coast, I'm going to have to take a moving van with me for all of the antique finds. I hear East is best for all of the things I *adore*!

You need to check out my blog, and see my little ones pictures that were just taken. That white chair would have looked soo good too! :)

Thanks for sharing about your Antique hunting day!
Your Blogger friend in Utah ~Ann

Jayne Layne said...

Amen, I really loved this day. Empty handed or not, I was still very impressed, and I must say I LOVED the Design House. I wanted each room in that house somewhere in my house. It was just super cool.

Anyway, thanks to you guys for the great day, and wonderful tomato soup. I WANT MORE OF THAT!!

Chris said...

The pictures are awesome. Love the new camera.

Rebecca said...

We drive through Lucketts all the time - my parents live in Virginia so we take the old Rte. 15 South. Amazingly, I've never stopped at the antiques stores there, usually just decide to keep on trucking. I think I'll make a point to check them out next time - looks like they're really nice.

Marie Louise said...

Looks like a great store! Where are you again? Within driving distance from Connecticut? And your daughter - she is a mini you! Looks like you guys had a great day!