Thursday, May 22, 2008


Everyone's life has a few perks and definitely one of mine is free activities for my kids.  Because Nick and his brothers run a summer camp and outdoor business, my kids are reaping the benefits big time.  Aside from all the summer hoopla, they get horseback riding lessons at no cost.  Natalie is even lucky enough to be getting private lessons this spring.

Once a week we drive out to the farm and she spends an hour with Miss Kitty learning the basics of Classical Dressage.  I am always envious, since I've never really learned how to ride a horse.  I've thought a lot about making that a goal one year--I used to LOVE them as a kid.

My mother in law had this beautiful barn built a few years ago.  It makes riding possible in the rain, with it's indoor arena. (which also means we never get to skip!)

Natalie has become really confident again.  About a year ago she fell off "Raj" and it freaked her out (and me) pretty good but she's, shall we say, "back in the saddle?"

The only downside of the lessons is:   "MY TURN! MY TURN, MY TURN!! 

It's a nice place to relax for an hour and just be outside with the kids for a bit.  They could spend hours giving the horses blade after blade of grass.  We really should remember carrots or apples.

It's been really cool watching someone as expert as Kitty teach Natalie all about horses.  I am literally amazed every week at the extent of her knowledge.  

She's been teaching for 42 years and is such an animal lover.  It's always fun for me to get to know people that are so different from myself.  I love wondering what makes them tick.  I mean, I have an appreciation for animals, but I could never and I mean NEVER spend all day every day with them. 

She loves them and talks to them like they are little people that know precisely what is going on.  It has also been fascinating to hear her talk about how smart horses are and how they pattern so deeply that once a horse is trained it's virtually impossible to ever get certain traits to leave their personalities.  

Having kids is pretty cool.  I feel like I am learning right along with them and getting a few opportunities that I've never had before.  Whether it's horses or piano I am also benefitting from some really wonderful teachers.  What a great perk!


jill said...

What beautiful pictures. Good for Natalie, she looks great on that horse. What a beautiful horse by the way.

Elisa said...

That is one HUGE perk!!

Annban10 said...

Yeah! I am so glad you have checked out my blog! I know it's not that entertaining, but, I'm grateful for your comments!!

You do have alot of perks over there! When I was younger and saw the movie " Indian Summer " I wanted to own a summer camp. What fun. So, have you ever been YW camp director?? :)

Seeing your beautiful drive on the road to the farm made my morning.... *sigh* to see such beauty!

Suzanne said...

You are killing me! Seriously, do you pinch yourself everyday is that just the norm for you? I am looking out my window to grey drizzly skies! I do appreciate the green pictures! Absolutely gorgeous! -Suzanne

Rebecca said...

I don't think there's anything as adorable as a little girl riding a horse, especially with the whole English outfit. I took English lessons as a kid and loved every minute of it, it's just too cute how girls and horses go so well together. I can't wait till Anna is able to ride.

SaraBerry said...

What a great place to live!! Scott is determined that we are going to live back east someday. My older kids took horseback riding lessons. Allie loved it! She even volunteered to muck out the stalls just so she could be around the horses more. Girls and Horses! Email me sometime. Love ya.