Saturday, June 28, 2008

A lovely night for camping

I took this picture five minutes after Nick took the kids down to Riley's Lock for the campout they were hosting.  I couldn't help but giggle.  The clouds rolled in so fast--they didn't have time to realize what was coming.  He and John were a little less than enthusiastic about going, so I can only imagine the bonus of a little storm.  After all...... Five kids + wet tents = FUN

It looked wicked but as it turned out, all it did was sprinkle. I couldn't have been happier in my clean sheets and quiet house. ; )


Ann Marie said...

I have never seen so many tents in one area before. Do they not have alot of open space for camping?

What a busy girl, and still was so nice to leave pre-posted blog posts for us to enjoy each day!
I was grateful!
Welcome back! :)

Jayne Layne said...

looks like fun. Who was all invited to that? All of Calleva staff? Pretty cool.

Suzanne said...

Welcome back! Cannot wait to see the posts on camp! -Suzanne

jill said...

Don't you LOVE when the sky looks like this?