Monday, June 9, 2008

To the Pole they Go

Dearest Children,

You will never believe it! We found the key! Lolley must have been treating himself to lemon drops last Christmas and dropped it amongst the candy. Oh, it is such a relief to our little elfie brains! Santa has been sugared silly with worry. We are taking a quick flight home on the wings of an Arctic Homing Dove as soon as we can spot one. We will miss our little friends but it has been wonderful peeking in on you this summer. Thank you for finding us Natalie! And, to answer your questions.... Natalie, there is a wee fairy named Posy that thinks your new fairy house is just lovely. Her sisters lived in your last fairy house for nearly a year, until they flew away to England. You have many fairies on your garden property, several of them come inside from time to time. Nicholas, my elf suit, let me say is something like armor; nothing can penetrate it. It keeps me cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. It changes color with my mood. When I am angry with my brothers, it turns as black as Santa's boot. Mitchell, thank you for the wonderful artwork. Please keep drawing and don't forget to eat your bananas! Well, we must get back. This has been a fun break, and plus we got to miss all the candy cane making (we hate making candy canes!). We love you and will miss you...but Santa needs his key!

P.S. We left a little surprise on your mom's camera!



Chris said...

Those little elves keep you busy. I am glad you were up so early to see them off! Thank you for our quality time last night- I hope you like the movie and you might like the kissing scene:) (C.S.M)

In Season said...

That is so darling. Can't you send me everything you have ever written so i can do this one day without having to think it all up?

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad the elves found the key, and your camera! Sneaky little elves! :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
I have wanted to take pictures of all of my rooms and post them, but there is like one small project in all of them that needs to be done before the room is finished. ( Like crown moulding in 3 rooms ) but if I wait, then I may never get pictures taken, so maybe I'll post a few *unfinished* soon.

I can't imagine you being in a slump with your house. The rooms I have seen, I think are darling!
I would love to see your bathrooms. I'm about to remodel ours soon, and we are still making decisions about the flooring. :(

Ann Marie said...

BTW, do you sell your vintage jewelry on-line, or just in the store? I would love to see some of the pieces you sell...

JENNIFRO said...

Funny you mention my bathrooms, they are all retro! Our house is 1940's and the bathrooms are truly from another world--ALL tile, retro sinks and colors. We have also been "in the process" but they don't bug me too bad cause they have a "look." But an update at some point will be nice. Good luck with yours.

I don't actually sell vintage jewelry. My brother is a jewelry wholesaler so that's my source...but I do hope to sell online one of these days.

up in bubbles said...

oh your poor children!!

Jayne Layne said...

Is it bad to say that I am getting quite attached to these little guys?? Come back! Don't fly away on that Artic Goose! Come to my house... Thats how I feel.