Monday, July 14, 2008

My Birthday 100

I love reading "100" posts. My turn.

1. I love being an American; I'm a huge fan of patriotic programs and music.
2. I was born in '70 so it's always been easy to calculate my age.
3. I am the oldest of six kids
4. I have very wonderful parents--two of the best.
5. My two front teeth were out for over a year. The dentist finally slit them with
a razor and they were down the next day.
6. One of my dear friends, Karim, shares my birthday. He's French and we take turns
calling most years. We say, "Happy Birthday and I include, "Happy Bastille Day."
7. I have had big crushes on Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe.
8. I have really long toes. Really long. I can pinch like crazy with them and
clean my room with only my toes if I want.
9. I married a hottie who I sometimes call my "wife" cause he's so domestic.
10. I have really bad calluses on my feet that I used to chew off as a kid.
11. I got married in Vegas but not on the strip. (LDS Temple)
12. I weighed 83 lbs. when I was a junior in H.S. Not a pretty sight.
13. English roses, peonies and lavender are my favorite flowers.
14. Gladiator is one of my top three movies. I love the layers of meaning.
15. I almost always prefer a drama to a comedy.
16. My proudest grade was getting one of two A's in Barta Heiners Acting Class at BYU.
17. I really hate it when people move away. So few people stay put these days.
18. I am very close to all of my brothers and sisters.
19. I love the sound of the vacuum and the blow dryer. I'd sleep to them if
I could.
20. I have Reynaulds Syndrome which means bad circulation in my fingers. They
turn pure white when I'm too cold. I'm told they could fall off it they're white too long.
21. I love fires inside and out; I especially love singing around a campfire.
22. I'm a pretty decent rock climber when I'm practicing.
23. I never played a team sport in school.
24. I made first cuts (out of 500) to the Broadway traveling company of Les Miserables. (great story but very depressing for me)
25. I have been asked "Girl whatchoo mixed wid" at least 20 times in my life.
26. I have over 200 letters from Nick on his mission in Holland (he loved me)
27. I am a very loyal friend but stink at keeping in touch long distance.
28. I hate gum popping, ice crunching, popcorn chomping and any sloppy mouth noise.
29. I live within one mile of five of my best college friends.
30. I have been kissed wetly on the lips by a drunken Englebert Humperdink.
31. My sister Jill has always been my "Ed McMahon" and I love her for it!
32. I love to be tan, but have wised up a lot over the years.
33. I had braces my Senior year of high school.
34. I majored in English Education and taught for two years before I had kids.
35. I live near DC but have little idea of what goes on politically.
36. I think the news is too depressing to watch. I probably only see it once a year.
37. I love uplifting church meetings.
38. I am almost never suprised; I fake surprised when people have tried really hard.
39. I have a very good sixth sense and used to say I had ESP when I was young.
40. I love broadway musicals and would do anything to be in one, but I don't sing
well enough.
41. Les Miserables is the book that made the biggest impact on me as a teenager.
42. I taught early morning seminary at 6 am my entire fourth pregnancy.
43. My legs and pits are almost always stubbly.
44. I got my curls from my dad who got them from his mother.
45. Depeche Mode is my all time favorite band.
46. I miss my grandparents houses in Springville and the one on Torrey Pines. If
I think about it, I can remember how they smell.
47. I am a Cancer-- I oppose change. (true horoscope observation)
48. I am exactly 1/2 blue and 1/2 red in the Color Code book.
49. I am constantly thinking about homeschooling one or more of my kids.
50. I have been to Mexico, England, Italy, Canada and Spain. France is next I hope.
51. I am bossy with my husband but he likes it.
52. I will never get implants--but it'd be nice.
53. I am scared to death of crickets. Fine with other bugs and spiders.
54. I am often sad about places and times I can never go back to.
55. I have a great mother in law.
56. I was the worlds scaredest baby sitter. I used to send the kids to the door in
scary situations.
57. I give lots of compliments and am sincere in giving them.
58. I am not much of a crier.
59. I love the four seasons and look forward to each one before they come.
60. I have two boys and two girls, but I wish I had six kids.
61. I am horrible at directions. More than horrible. Every time I leave a hotel room I
turn the wrong way. I can't read a map and feel like I'm spun in circles even on very
familiar roads.
62. I have a dog named Lucky who has really grown on me.
63. I have a neighbor who hates my family--even though they know they shouldn't.
64. I struggle with swearing.
65. I am pretty funny if I'm with the right people.
66. I am good at impersonations and faking accents.
67. I used to be a very, very good prank caller.
68. I had the best college years of anyone I know.
69. I wish I could sew better.
70. I am always wishing I would discover I am gifted at something.
71. My 10 year old will soon pass me up on the piano.
72. I missed 32 days of school in the 5th grade. I had lots of anxieties and an angel
mother who helped me get normal and stay normal.
73. I am a friend to many. I love my friends past and present and think of them often.
I am still in contact with my friend I met at age two.
74. I consider myself to be pretty outdoorsy, though Nick's brothers would probably laugh to hear that.
75. I love to buy clothes and have new clothes in my closet at all times.
76. I wish I would ever dare to take a risk with my hair. I've always wanted a bob.
77. I would love to skydive and bungee jump but will probably never have the guts
to do either one.
78. I love water and rarely drink anything else.
79. I love ethnic food. I prefer a "hole in the wall" to a chain restaurant any day.
80. I enjoy teenagers and love being around them. I prefer teaching them over toddlers.
81. I like salty more than sweet, most of the time.
82. I would love to write a children's book but fear I am too lazy to do it and too scared of being rejected.
83. I wish I would have minored in interior design. I would love to decorate houses.
84. I am already really sad about my kids growing up.
85. My life would be perfect if all my family were near.
86. I would adopt a baby from another country if it was easy and cheaper.
87. I love that my kids are growing up with camp. I never knew what a summer camp
was--except in Parent Trap.
88. If I could do one year over it would be June 1988-June 1989.
89. I know that most of the happiness in my life is due to my religion.
90. I love living near so much American History, and I wish I took more
advantage of my location.
91. My first car when I was married was a Le Car that Nick's brother gave us. Sweet!
92. I love music but cannot stand it turned on when the kids are crying in the car. (note to Nick)
93. I think I am really persuasive and figure I can usually talk people into doing what
I think they should do. It must be an oldest child thing.
94. I am perfectly content in a very slow movie if it's meaningful and real.
95. I love to fall asleep with ear plugs in my ears but I never do it at home.
96. I am a worrier but have gotten a lot better over the years.
97. I have loved talking on the phone my whole life. One of my best Christmas presents
as a teen was my own phone line. I used to keep Jill up, mad at me, till the wee hours
of morning.
98. The best sleep I've ever had was in the hospital after having Nicholas. They gave me two percocets and I was in and out of sleep delirium for two days.
99. I am a very impulsive shopper and spend money like I am rich. Subliminally, I
must know my limit, because I am never in debt.
100. I have an aversion to certain words. (munch and munchie, being two). I also hate
words spelled wrong on purpose (girlz, krispy kreme, tastee) and...messing around
with the traditional spelling of a person's name.

What did I miss?


Jek said...

I loved that. I learned a lot, but surprisingly i knew a lot of that too!! You didn't miss much, except that your prom dress was strapless and you wore a really cute navy and white bikini in high school. And add that you are the BEST oldest sibling anyone could ever hope for in a family!! True story! love ya!

Jek said...

Could there ever be a cuter cake than that one?

VEGAS VIC said...

And add to that, that you were a model first child, and big sister. I think your example gave the rest of them a star to shoot for. And as far as I am concerned you all made it.
You're dad and I really hope you have a wonderful birthday. Wish we could be with you, but of course we will see you Sat.
Love the post. Learned a few things.

alexis said...

wow how fun to really get to know you! ok, the part where you said you wish you could discover you were gifted at something!!!!!! what? have you seen your blog? you're gifted at everything!
and i'm glad there's somebody else out there who struggles with swearing! when jonny stubs his toe or something it's "ouch, shit!" and then i'm like good job lex....

alexis said...

oh and happy birthday!

CrazeeAngee said...

Happy Birthday!! Your list was fun to read, but I think we are all even Steven with #68....although you have a few illegal things up on me and my college years!! (Just kidding Vegas Vic!!) Jennifer was an angel! You are so great I just might let Eric buy you another Le Car!!! Have a great day! Love your guts!!!

jill said...

You did great! I LOVE the cake myself!!! You're the best big sister EVER! Happy Birthday and I LOVED the 100!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!! I learned a lot about you in this post and I think that you are one incredible person. BTW- I too have a huge fear of crickets and grasshoppers! I am right on board with you on that one. I cannot stand their creepy legs. Yuck! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with happy moments and acts of love! Curios to see what your husband gets you for your birthday! I am floored by the gifts for Christmas and Mothers day! -Suzanne

The Bobos said...

Happy birthday Jen! You're my favorite ;) I hope you have a great day!

Ann Marie said...

What a FUN list! I learned so much.. and we do have soo many similarities besides loving to decorate.
~ I love Depeche Mode too. I used to be in love with David ( lead )
~ I wish I could sew better too
~ I am the oldest of 6, so most of the bossy, and persuading traits I have to.
~ I think you should do a post about the homeschooling thing? I'm curious to why??
~ Who says you can't design for people?? I'm sorry but just because you graduate in Interior Design doesn't make you an expert. Some people are just born with the talent, and you are one my friend.
~ I'm with you with the salty/sweet thing. I could give up candy way wasier than chips.
~ What is this nonsense about gifts?? We all see them!!
~ Surprised to know that you had some Utah ties. :)

What fun blogging is! It has been nice to know you through it..
I hope you have a wonderful week, and your spoiled by everybody!

PS: I'm scared to spell something wrong now! :)

JENNIFRO said...

Thanks nice people!

Suzanne--would it surprise you to find out it wasn't my husband who gave me the house re-do for

Sara and Brad said...

Jen!! Happy Birthday.. Gosh you just keep getting cooler and cooler. You are seriously one of the cutest moms I know. I strive one day to have your wardrobe and your shinning testimony :) You for real rock.

Jek said...



Lauralee said...

Happy Birthday! love your list!
so fun to learn more about you! 80 some pounds in high school? I don't ever remember weighing even 100lbs.! that is tiny!

Chris said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love the 100 things but I feel a bit guilty about reading them:) (ha ha). Seriously, you are an incredible friend and I am so lucky to have you & your family in my life! Love ya!

Christian said...

Brilliant. I would add that you seem to believe sincerely written letters can be more powerful than any other form of communication. Brooke will love this - I can't wait to see what she writes!

Poop Dun hit the fan, Betta cova yo nose! said...

"And add to that, that you were a model first child, and big sister. I think your example gave the rest of them a star to shoot for".- vegasvic


That was fun to read. Thanks Sis/Second mom. Happy Birthday Mi Amor. Love you :)

Jayne Layne said...

That was so fun to read! I really did know so much which I am glad about! Except I didn't know you wanted 6 kids... I guess Mitch and I can count as kids for a few years there. Although sometimes I felt like Mitch and I were trapped in some sort of sick boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. At least we used to bicker like it.

I echo what everyone else has said. We are so lucky to have an older sister that gave us such a good example our whole lives.

Happy Birthday and see you in a few days!

Suzanne said...

What???? I am at a loss?? Who on earth would give you a gift like that who wasn't Nick? You must be very loved! Very loved! -Suzanne

Lisa & Bill said...

Happy Birthday! Now we are the same age..but not for long. It's my turn in January! What a fun post! You are too cool!

careymc said...

What a great post! So much fun to read. Darn, I missed my 100 posts. Think it's ok to go back? :) PS - I was GREAT at prank calling with accents and I agree - implants = nice, but it'll never happen. What kind of crusty neighbor would hate you guys???

brooke said...

happy birthday jen!

i had so much fun reading these. and i don't care if you have your degree in interior design or not - you can come decorate my place anytime!

oh, and please use those persuasion skills to get christian to move out by you guys!!

eggy said...

Jafro...I feel so lucky to read your 100 and say to myself, "I knew that" to at least 70 of those items. Makes me feel good to call you my friend.

I'd like to add a few for you, but Ayn Rand once said that, "If joy is the aim and the core of existence, and if that which has the power to give one joy is always guarded as one's deepest secret..." You're the English major, you can read that book some time.

Really though, you are very special to me and my family. I wouldn't want it any other way and I can't wait to celebrate your birthday with a little rock band and/or karaoke. Hey? Was that on the list? Your love of singing at the television as the words scroll by?
Happy Birthday...XOXOXO
+ Eggy

Elisa said...

I love your list.
I think you need to expound on the wet kiss from E.H.
Loved "Girl whatchoo mixed wid"! I have to admit I had similar thoughts when I saw your picture, but then saw a post about your Dad with picture and there was the hair! I love that you have embraced your unique hair, it makes you stand apart from the crowd, and it's lovely.

The Barnettes said...

Happy Belated Birthday, I loved reading your 100 list. I've always looked up to you :)