Friday, August 1, 2008

Karaoke Night
"Good Times Never Seemed So Good"

Watch and learn, son.


No seriously, you sounded great!


Not bad, for a white boy.

My only regret is not filming Jayne singing Eminem. Oh, and Defying Gravity--that was life changing. You cannot beat Karaoke. It always sounds like heck to start it, but once you get rolling you can never get enough (right Egg?). Just look at my man up there, doing me proud.


Jia@ColorMeUntypical said...

Those were so awesome girl! My husband would just kill me if I ever recorded him doing anything and post it online . . . that's why I must find out how to do it in secret!

Jek said...

Oh how fun!!! Good lungs dad and nick!

VEGAS VIC said...

Just further verification that our trip to Outer Banks was just the best. That was a very fun night.
Thanks for the memory.


CrazeeAngee said...

I am thinking I would to go on a date with that fabulous Vegas Vic. My, what a voice!!! Is that ok "Vegas Vic Mom?!?" Looks like fun. Good thing I asked for a karoke machine for my b-day (or was that Jennifer or Eric that really wanted one....?)

Lisa and Bill said...

Your dad's voice is awesome! And Nick isn't so bad either! It looks like you guys had an amazing time & will cherish those fun times. The beach sounded like a blast! It seems like such a different world out on the East coast. I'd love to visit sometime. (like how I invite myself..)

jayne layne said...

That was fun. I was very proud of Nick for showing his stuff, and Dad always sounds great. I really couldn't get enough of that stuff.

Chris said...

You are going to be so happy you have recorded these memories! So fun! You need to come pick up your heavy heavy birthday present. You ran off before I could give it to you.

jill said...

What talent! Truly amazing! I especially liked Defying Gravity, it was like Wicked all over again, just more upclose and personal.

JENNIFRO said...

Good one Jiggy!