Friday, July 18, 2008

I saw Bella for the second time last night and cannot praise it enough.  It was even more amazing the second time around.  I am such a lover of beautiful movies that contain substance and depth, promote good values and present a variety of thought provoking themes. Gosh, that sounded like a thesis!  But truly, if you have not seen Bella check it out soon.  I won't lie, Nick and I shed quite a few tears.  It is so moving and sad in a parts that you have to catch your breath, but don't miss out; it might change the way you view some things.  I love discussing good movies and how they affect me.  This is one I'd like to write a mini paper on, because there are so many inspiring themes throughout.  I won't give anything away...just see it.

One cool thing I wanted to mention, is the main actor Eduardo V. used to be a successful model and actor in Mexico until he decided he wanted to change his focus. He vowed he would only involve himself in projects that have positive messages. So not only is he gorgeous but he's a good guy too.  Here's a little bit of an interview he did which I think is worth reading:

I realized that the only way you can control the message is if you become a producer. So I opened this production company with that intention of making films that will have the potential not only to entertain, but to make a difference. Films that will touch people’s hearts and minds, and light a candle in their heart. My hope as a producer now is that when people see Bella or any of the films that we will produce, they will leave wanting to love more and judge less. They will leave wanting to forgive more and complain less. They will leave with a candle in their heart. They will leave inspired to use their talents to serve others. They will leave with hope and love and wanting to be a better person.

I think there’s nothing more beautiful than really using this amazingly powerful means – television, film, music, whatever you do in the media, journalist, reporter, actor, musicians – sometimes we have so much responsibility and we forget that whatever you do, whether you like it or not, you are going to affect how people think, how they live, and how they behave. Young people live according to the standards of what they see in the media. Just recently somebody told me that the average percentage between parents and children having meaningful conversations is only six minutes a day. But in front of the media, more than eight hours a day. So we know that if parents are not educating their children, schools either – then who? Well, the media. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the media. I think it’s an amazing opportunity, but I think sometimes what comes out of the media is not the best thing for young people or not the healthiest thing. Because we have this tendency and this inclination to imitate and to copy what we see in films or television or whatever we’re reading – magazines, newspapers – or what we hear on the radio. We’re very influenced by that. So that’s when it hit for the first time in a way that I decided, ‘Okay, so why am I here? What am I going to do?’

I think it is so important to support good movies that are trying to make a difference.  This movie received many awards but was gone from the theaters in no time.  That's what I think is so pathetic about our society as a whole.  We'll have something stupid like "Fantastic Four" in the theaters for months on end but so many quality films aren't given the time of day. Well, enough from me.  I loved this movie and if I still haven't convinced you to see it, let me give you three more simple reasons:




Este hombre es MUY GUAPO!

Have you seen Bella?
What'd you think?
Do you want to see it?


Sandra said...

Hi Jen. I found you in Jill's blog. My sister and I used to be so in love with Eduardo Verastegui. I had no idea about the projects he's been working on. I'm definitely going to watch this movie. Your blog is absolutely neat and beautiful!!! You Miller girls are so talented.

Jek said...

LOVED THIS MOVIE TIMES 1000! Who did i see it with? Was it you? Move over Anthonio Sabato Jr. Eddy's back in town.

VEGAS VIC said...


JENNIFRO said...

The guy's bearded the whole time--i'm SURE to keep you focused on the story........

Suzanne said...

A love story with a good message...oh I am so renting that today! Will let you know what I think! -Suzanne

Chris said...

I traveled all the way to Sterling, Virginia to see this movie. It was AWESOME! Two thumbs up!

Jayne Layne said...

You know how I feel about this! I loved this movie and your three reasons to see it is absolutely reason enough. i think is one that i need to buy. LOVE IT!

jill said...

I bawled my brains out! Thanks for the heads up (oh yeah you didn't give me a heads up).

It was a really good movie though!

It's a good lesson on not judging others.

Suzanne said...

So, I watched the movie yesterday and I am still processing it through. There are so many lessons in it, your right, I could write a paper on it. I think what really stood out to me was the adoption portion. Since we are in the process, it was killing me to watch the thought process she was going through. I was a little dissapointed at the end of the show when he still had the beard. C'mon it was so much better with no beard! -Suzanne

JENNIE! said...

not that i don't love my chadly, but i haven't seen pictures of men that made me that excited in a long time. (maybe it's the being 9 1/2 months prego) ... anyways I'm off to see the movie :)

eggy said...

I hate to be the spoiler, but, I thought the film was pretty slow and somewhat repetitive in structure. In the end, I thought it had kind of a good message. I'm not sure that it was a love story? Was he really in love, or was he trying to repent for something unfortunate that happened to him in the past? The one thing I can't get over is why he gave up his career because of a horrible accident? It seems he could have done much more for society by becoming a famous soccer player and being a good idol to young children. Not to mention all of the monetary things he could have done to make up for that trial. I don't know...maybe I missed the message? Or, I am just a Capitalist, heartless pig that should be taken out back and lashed?

Now, that dude is very hot and spicy in it. Maybe explains why there are only Women replying to your post!