Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm it.

I've had this tag in my drafts and am finally setting it free.
Though I am not following the rules exactly, here are ten things
I live with that have yet to grate on my nerves.

New dishes from Marshalls that perked up my kitchen cupboard.
I found them in Vegas and brought them home in two or three installments.
Painful-- but worth it now they're here.

Ebay hobnail sconce in downstairs bathroom.
They remind me of my Gma Miller so all the better.
There's one on either side of the mirror.

Breakfast room shelf filled with likeable
dishes and whatnot.

A lamp I found at Planted Earth in Orem, Ut.
Another fun "how to get this home" experience.
This one spoke. "Buy me. I'm yours."

Dining room curtains.
I better like them; they weren't free.

The girls' striped wall.
It cheers me when I climb the stairs.

My man.
We've been together a long time,
and I'm still infatuated with him.

Painted kitchen floor. It's so me.
I will probably always have this floor.

Cradle Chief made for the babies
that stays in my room.
I redid the bedding before the last go 'round.

Fun find hanging over the stove.
All the flowers were burnt sienna when I found them.
A little pink put them out of their misery.

Thanks Ann for the tag.
It's fun to accentuate the positive
on occasion.

TAG to anyone who enjoys this sort of thing.
I would love to look.


partii said...

Live with, yet to get on your nerves....For sure me thought I would be at the top o' the list!

JENNIFRO said...

Get to bed, scary man.

jessamyn barnette said...

oh i love everything!! You have the best taste & style. I can't wait (probably not for another 20 years) to have my own place to make my own.

Suzanne said...

You know, I have always loved your kitchen floors when I see them in the pictures. I think the stripped walls in your girls bedroom are FANTASTIC and it was so great to see your favorites around the house. I am sitting here looking at my walls thinking "I have no decorating talent, what so ever." You certainly have a beautiful style! -Suzanne

jill said...

I must say I love those things too. I really love your curtains!!! They make such a statement, as does your kitchen floor.

I'm going to steal those sconces in your bathroom someday, so be ready.

Ann Marie said...

I'm so glad you did this! I love to see people do this tag, and peek at some of there favorite things...

I feel like even though I don't know you personally, you are a kindred-spirit to me with decor. I have never met anyone with so many similar tastes as me. :)

Things I observed, and are my favorites you have:

(1)- I LOVE the pink dishes you brought back from vegas. I would have taken that many trips to bring them home as well. They are worth it. :) The hutch they are in is adorable too.
(2)- The bathroom sconces- I love that you bought something that reminds you of your grandmother. I think those items in your home that remind you of someone past, are the most valuable, because you think of them when you see it. :)
(3)- The dishes in the breakfast room. The display is eye-candy. I have one of the exact same plates
on the bottom row. :) Every dish and piece looks carefully placed. :)
(4)- Not only do I love the lamp from Orem, but the table is on is beautiful!
(5)- The cradle... I'm guessing it's Nick's father that made it?
BEAUTIFUL!!!! What talent!!
That's a pass down the family/heirloom piece for sure! Just think, in 11 more years, you could have a grandkid in it!
he-he! :)

Thanks for doing this tag. I hope some of your sisters that decorate like you will do it too!

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the compliments, and info about the store in Orem.
I am about 1/2 hour from Orem, no big deal. Most of my relatives live down there, so we'll have to check out that store! Thanks for the suggestion!

Jek said...

oh how i love it all. I honestly think your floors still the show and that says a lot considering everything else i would burn the front of your bangs off for. I may get energy to do this, however at the moment i don't have many favorites in my home.

Jek said...

Steal the show, not still the show. I do pronounce it as still though, much to jason's chagrin.

JENNIFRO said...

Jek you're crazy. Your house is ONE OF A KIND!

Jayne Layne said...

Everything you posted is great. I too love your floors and the lamp you got from Planted Earth. Why don't you come out here in October with Jill and we can plan a day like that again. Jek will come too!

I loved that! Can she... Partii?

The Bobos said...

Jen...I've decided to fly you down here to Georgia and to help me decorate my house. No arguments.

JenAve said...

Jennifro, everything looks SO CUTE. You are so talented.

Autumn said...

i love your house! I want to live there! is that wall in the first picture really pinK?

Thanks for sharing!

sockiepuppetsmom said...

I found you through my friend Autumn's blog and I just love how you have your house decorated! I have to ask how you painted your kitchen floor? Is it wood or did you paint over vinyl? What kind of paint did you use? Thanks!

Me said...

So I'm alittle behind. Ann is trying to get me to to this post, but my house is nowhere as exciting as yours. I love all the things you wrote about, but I especially love the cradle and the striped walls. We are going to paint my daughters room, and this gives me a few ideas. Thanks for posting!

JENNIFRO said...

About the floors--

We painted on real wood. I wouldn't recommend it on vinyl cause I'm sure it would peel up. It's really easy and we re do it about every three years because we don't like it too grungy or hammered. I think we used exterior paint--or some kind of heavy duty paint from Lowe's.
They have different kinds that are more durable than others--we have also used oil based in the past and that worked well. I think the main thing is just making sure you are painting on a really conducive surface.

We did the same thing in our sunroom with two shades of blue. It's a fun effect--with little money and not too much effort.

Hope that helps!

sockiepuppetsmom said...