Monday, August 11, 2008

Raise the Roof!

It's your Birthday!

So my first little baby is eleven.  "It's my golden year, Mom.  Eleven on the Eleventh." It's hard to believe how much a person changes in ten years.  It seems like days ago--not years, that he was raising the roof and sucking his binky.  I get a lump in my throat thinking of where the next ten years will lead him.  Words can't express how I love this boy.  Happy Birthday Nicholas.


Jayne Layne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE LOVEY! I can't believe you finally turned 9!!

Jayne Layne said...

Ha Ha... Gotcha, I know you aren't 9!

Really I can't believe how big and how old you are. I still remember that cute little boy that would raise the roof, and crack us up with every thing. You have been such a blessing and so fun to have as a nephew. Happy Birthday bud, WE LOVE YOU!!

jessamyn barnette said...

Happy birthday Nicholas! I love the song... that was the song my dad played every birthday growing up, classic!

Robert said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo! One thing, though: the photo progression is leaning eerily towards a future place on the wall of A&F. Tell your mom to stop pimping you out! Enjoy your next 11 years!

Christian said...

Wow, 11 years old? That's incredible!

eggy said...

Nick! Seems like only the day before yesterday that your Pops had that blank look on his face when you were born wondering how in the world he was going to take on the new responsiblity of raising kids! You were the first test case and I must say that you have really turned out to be a great kid!

A couple of my favorite memories? 1) You calling me E.E. when you could first speak and asking me to fly you around the yard at the house on Darnestown Rd.
2) The Calleva vs. MHF baseball rivalry and our team almost kicking your booties. (a bunch of 9 year olds against 10/11 year olds)
3) How good of a friend you have been to my 3 boys and expecially looking out for Coleman at DES.

Just think...only 5 more years and you will be the proud driver of a pink and white VW bug! Much better Lady magnet than a LeCar. Although your Father lucked out with your beautiful Mother. Must have been the green turtle neck, black sweats and cowboy boots. Hey, and only 8 more years and you will be the proud driver of a bike!

Really though, Hope you have a Happy Birthday and you can count on a present some day from our bunch down the street!

Jek said...

Oh Nickiyus. I sure wish i were there to give you a huge hug and kiss!!! Remember that poem i wrote you when you were probably 3? No one ever got one since, it is because you were and are sooooo special. There is nothing like the first nephew. YOu will always have a special place in my heart!!11
Remember you used to call me "aunt Jet"?
Happy Birthday!!!

Jek said...

Didn't you used to always say " get a yife?" i taught you that!

Mitch said...

Nicholas!!! What up Duder?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHA MAN!!!

You're gettin up there in age. I wish you could stay my young little nephew but it looks like that isn't going to happen.

You know what all the girls i know say about you? Everytime i show them a picture they say "WHOA!! That kid is gonna be a hottie!" Good thing i didn't tell them that you are a stud on the piano and a rockstar on the guitar.

I love you buddy. Keep being a good boy, and a good example for your brother and sisters.

Feliz Cumpleanos!

jill said...

Happy Birthday Nickanuss!! We love you SO much and are SO glad that you're in our family!!!

We hope you have a great birthday!!! Next year you'll be a deacon, that's hard to believe!!!

Chris said...

Nicholas! Happy Birthday!! I cannot believe how you have grown up. You will always have a special place in my heart. (Mostly because you always wanted to invite me to your birthday parties.)


The Pale Chris

VEGAS VIC said...

Happy Birthday Nicholas, Grandpa and I are so glad to have you as our grandson. You have been such a good example to the rest of the grandchildren and I am sure you will continue to be. You have a lot of good men in your life. You can look up to them and follow their example.
Hope you had a great day. We love you!
Gram and Gramp

up in bubbles said...

Yo big dawg!! I hope you don't mind me calling you that, cause you are the oldest nephew and grandson! I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRFDAY and let you know that you are one cool kid. Keep up the good work and know that you are such a good example to my little boys. I wish I would have had an older cousin like you. Love you bud and so does everyone here at 35 Timber Rock Rd.

Talk to you l8r sk8r
Uncy John

CrazeeAngee said...

I think for your birthday you should take away my MARSHMALLOW FEET for good!! You are one sweet boy Nicholas. I love your smile, your keen sense of humor, your loyalty to family and friends, your awesome paddle roll, your work ethic and your handsome face. You are one fine kid. Your parents have done well!! Happy birthday!! We adore you!!

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday to your Oldest!
Wow! Kinda crazy that we had kids on the same day! :) I hope you all had a fun day celebrating together!