Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Pirates of the Potomac
Step Aside Jack Sparrow
The Quest for Birthday Booty

Listen pirates and listen well 
to a story we will tell

Buried treasure lies deep underground
Go where the first clue can be found.

We can start easy to get you on course.
Go where the barges were pulled by a horse.
If you walk over you've gone too far.
If you look under it will be thar.

The day is fierce hot, the water is wet
wear your bandana to keep off the sweat.

For the next clue, it will take only one.
Throw on a harness and climb to the sun.
Put on the patch where you eyeball is missing.
Every fierce pirate for scars he is wishing.

Storm clouds are gray the sky is deep blue,
Head for the water, where waits a canoe.

Ahoy Matey's look over thar in the water...
A message in a bottle!

It says....

Bad winds are coming, there's trouble ashore,
Danger on the island---I cannot say more.......

Where you will go other pirates have tread,
Some left alive, others left dead.
Take of your sword, and hold it tight.
A pirate must be armed, and ready to fight.

Your journey continues, put your swords in your belt
March in a line to where the first pirates dwelt.

Up in the trees where you sleep above ground
Beneath the tin roof your next clue is found.

The island's divided walk the plank in between,
Somewhere around it, a clue can be seen.

When the water is higher the boats come and land
To keep them from drifting, they're tied to a strand.
Take you this shovel for the next task at hand
Watch out for bones as you dig in the sand.

The treasure is calling which way do you go?
Walk in the direction that the rivers flow.
Where the trails ends, keep going down.

Deep in the earth,


Birthday Booty!



jill said...

Now THAT was clever!!! I never read all the clues, did you come with that dialogue? Great! I love the pictures, what a fun day that was!!!

Mitch said...

That was SICK!!! Good Work sister!! That would have been really fun as a kid. The only treasuer hunt i had was in Grandmas first grade class. The treasure was cinnamon bears....hmmmmm? It was still fun though.

Me said...

That was awesome. I wish that I was half that creative. You should enter that into some kind of contest for birthday parties. How fun!

Mrs. Organic said...

Y'all are party people - what a great theme, I'm sure the kids (old & young) loved it.

The Bobos said...

That looks like so much fun!!! What a fun and creative birthday. I loved Eric's getup. He kinda looks like Jack Sparrow.

Elisa said...

Oh wow, I have never been to a party like that. Amazing.

Does your summer camp do family reunions?

Lauralee said...

what a dream for a kid! how fun! they will sooooo remember that party!

wish we were a little closer!

up in bubbles said...

I have been waiting for this post. Good job. That really was such a fun and clever party. Those kids don't know how lucky they are. Eric also made quite the pirates captain. Can't wait to see more.

Ann Marie said...

Ok.. Now I feel like a ghetto Mom with my birthday parties!

How creative, and what a cool area you live in to make it look so real. I loved the picture of them all on the pirate ship...
I'm sure it will be a birthday to remember forever!

Jayne Layne said...

Very good idea! That looked really fun, and I am sure the kids loved it. Can't wait for the next part!

eggy said...

Don't let the photos fool you...the pirate just showed up! The fair pirate wenches were the ones that made it ALL happen! Wench Jafro and Wench UIB are extremely creative and by the end of the day, Big Johnny had given out his phone number 3 times to passersby. So far, he has one request for a party!
I noticed there were no pictures of these humble wenches. I SAY YE ALL DEMAND TO SEE THE OTHER PICTURES!

JENNIFRO said...


That's why it said "to be continued" I mean seriously, I have like 250 pics of it!

Thanks for all the nice compliments everyone.

Elisa--we do corporate programs and school we COULD do family reunions, too!

My mom is always talking about how awesome it would be to do a family reunion using all Nick's outdoor resources. Good idea!

careymc said...

That's awesome! My boys would be ALL over that in a heartbeat - - what fun!

Your comments on my last post made my day - thank you!

(Oh, and for the record, I'm not sure what got into me when I decided to make this my profile pic...maybe boycotting against the summer heat? I tend to go a little batty here by the end of summer)

Lisa and Bill said...

So envious of all the fun you are having! What a fun adventure for the kids and something that won't be forgotten. It's amazing how green everything is there. I just love seeing all of the fun outdoor things you can do. But, I don't know if I could handle the winters or the humidity. I guess you get used to it just like the hot Vegas summers! Waiting for the rest of the story...

Suzanne said...

Again, I am speechless!! I was TOTALLY going to copy this idea until I remembered I don't have a private island and I don't own a canoe. DANG GIRL!! That was one AWESOME birthday party!! What an awesome event that must have been!! Please continue the story, I am dying to know what happened! -Suzanne

browneyedgirl said...

how fun!

Cristin said...
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jessamyn barnette said...

Wow and I thought my Little Mermaid birthday party when I was five was fun!
I love the pictures!