Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sleep? You win.

Got these in my drafts and no energy to bring them to life.
Aren't I pretty when I'm sleeping......

Let's Get it Started!

Waterford Festival:
Single Mom Fun

History of a Junkyard


The Anthony Family said...

Goodluck on the forest this year! Looks like fun. Don't you just love the fall?!?

Suzanne said...

OH, C,mon Jennifer!!! You cannot leave me in the dark about the Forest. Ah man!!! Who is the creepy October Friend too?! Hope you get some res! -Suzanne

CrazeeAngee said...

Why don't you just cook up some nice, stinky thigh meat. That will wake you up. (o: (just kidding Jill..., but I do say we nix the thigh meat for the future). Very smelly.

Ann Marie said...

I am very curious about many things.. Especially the haunted forest.. I hope you'll post about them soon..
Have a good Monday!~ Ann