Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"We so sick"
Homeschoolin' it at Waterford

That time of year again to frequent the lovely Waterford Festival held in the quaint streets of Waterford, Virginia.  Oddly enough, Friday morning, we all woke up really sick so I called in with the croup and set out to "school" my kids my way for a day.  "Never let school get in the way of your education" is a quote I like to pull out about once a month. 

We started at the artisan booths which were quite fascinating.  We saw demonstrations on how to oil paint on velvet, dye wool then stretch on a loom, tint pottery, brand leather, weave a basket, make fancy paper, carve wooden ducks, and create art with tiny, tiny scissors.  Learning accomplished. Onto the food.

 The town's atmosphere is purely enchanting and a step back in time.  

This quartet is as nostalgic as they come.  We sat for Zippadeedoodah, Lyda Rose and many other feel good songs from yesteryear.  All four kids were mesmerized.  This picture makes me yearn to live in simpler times when friends met for a soda at the corner store on Main and couples danced to big band classics.  Sigh.  

This kid must have made 12 witches broom.  One of us just might go home with a skill after all. After a very late lunch, I was getting on the verge of being done, then who do we see on the street.. wait a minute.......

we KNOW these people!  Running into Eric and Anjie really gave us a new lease on the afternoon and we tagged after them for the last two hours.  Camille of course was happy to see her friend.

"You MY fren!"

If you ever visit the East or Virginia, for that matter, you would really be wise to peruse some of these amazing old towns.  The homes and gardens are truly beautiful.

How's this for perkin' up a telephone pole?

This little lady in the cap here is one of the main reasons I yanked the kids.  The year before I had Natalie's silhouette done by her, so I came to finish the job.

It's pretty wondrous to watch.  The child sits with their right side facing her and she cuts their profile in about 2-3 minutes with tiny little scissors.  Next year I'm bringing Nick.  He has been dying to get his done.

Her cute little husband frames them (if you choose) and entertains the wiggly ones with puppets and what not.  He was all smiles until he found one of his wooden spoons had gone missing.  He was pretty quick to blame our little angels.  But, alas I found it in a pewter cup, right under his nose!



I am super eager to frame them and hang them in a little corner of the living room.  

When we caught up with E & A they had just finished watching their favorite mime and his sidekick.  They raved and raved about the charming little duo, so I insisted we continue to follow after them.  They were absolutely darling to behold!  All seven kids could not be dragged away...not even for caramel apples.

He is truly too cute for words.
(reminds me of my friend Paul S.)

This was my favorite photo of the day. Camille could not hold back during the mime's music--He on the saw and She on ukulele and vocals.  She was right at their heels spinning and smiling and spinning and smiling.  Never let school get in the way of your education...what a beautiful day.

Do your kids miss for fun?


Anonymous said...

So fun and what good pictures. It makes me sad we missed it. Maybe next year.

Jayne Layne said...

Such great pictures. Those silhouettes are great! I need to go next year!

VEGAS VIC said...

Yes, my kids missed for fun, or to babysit in the cultural hall, or for nerves, or for appendicitis, or spider bites, or lake trips or for nothing at all.
But it was usually a well worth it day. It just doesn't hurt to miss occasionally.


Jek said...

how fun. I loved waterford when i was there, back in the day. we got alexis silhouette done at disneyland and it is precious.

Mrs. Organic said...

The silhouettes will be just the thing for a grouping. What a fun day!

Ann Marie said...

I loved to read about your "sick" day!
I agree that I wish we lived back in days that were a little more simple. I loved all of the pictures, but especially the one with you and all of your kids.. Did Jill take it? It looks great!

I love the silhouette pictures. They have become quite the trend lately.. I love the vintage with it, and that it captures the age of your kids.... I'm sure they will look adorable in your house!

Brian & Audrey Victor said...

Looks like you had a fun day! BTW I nominated you for an awars on my blog so check it out.

Suzanne said...

For a day like that, I would call in sick too!! Your daughters hair looks GORGEOUS in one of your shots!!

So yeah, I am a huge supporter of educating your own children. Not very impressed with the public education and trying to decide what to do with Shae next year. Hmmm....


Jayne Layne said...

Yes mom is right, it doesn't hurt to miss occasionaly... or 44 times like I did in 4th grade for that matter.

Mitch said...

"This picture makes me yearn to live in simpler times when friends met for a soda at the corner store on Main and couples danced to big band classics. Sigh. "

That's EXACTLY what i'm talkin about! I would LOVE that kind of living.