Thursday, November 6, 2008

Farewell Freaks

And so it goes, another Halloween gone by. Every year, without fail, I start calling around, usually to Jill or Natalie saying, "I don't think I'm dressing up." This time Jill said, "You KNOW you will, so just get dressed." True. I am crazy about being in costume. I prefer to be ugly and scary, like a few years back when I was the fortune teller and freaked people with my one "white-out" eye and bone nose ring, but the purple witch is just so easy to pull out of the box and slide into. Plus, I feel ultra lovely with my straight red hair.... Getting four kids dressed and in make-up right after school (to make our traditional party) is almost enough to push me to the brink, but this year I did it without any explosions...imagine that.

skeleton boy

"a pwincess"

pretty pirate

solemn clown

the ghouls

For years we have gone to Anjie and Eric's for our party. They are awesome to host this for so many. There is always tons of good food, games and of course, great company. Afterwards, we drive to Kentlands to trick or treat, which I have no problem bragging is probably one of the best places in the country to go. Without exaggerating, nearly every other house is decorated. I'm talking majorly decorated. Some houses even do little spook alleys on their porches for the kids to walk through. One street rents a life-size King Kong and the kids walk under his mammoth legs to get their loot. It is unbelievably festive; we love going there.

the two Nats


Alexandra the witch and Isabel: dead mermaid

Jack Skellington

why does this work so well?

Once the candy bags are plump, we drive to the Haunted Forest to see dear old.....


Me with crazy Al

Brother Matt

This guy is so good at what he does. I stood back and watched him this night and got love feelings (sisterly) for him. He works so hard and has to be ON all the time. He is the voice behind the HF as he talks, dj's, appeases the crowd, and calls numbers for hours and hours and hours on end each night. He really has a killer personality and is perfect for the job. You rock Matt!

Me and my sick guy. I left the princess behind, so our traditional family pic went by the wayside. But the thought of dragging her out there in the cold and the crowds...did not entice me, picture or no picture. The energy at the HF was amazing. Every year it just gets bigger and better. I wish there was some way to do it justice in photos, but it's just too dark to capture. Every hour in the center circle, they would give away $100 for the best costume--Brother Matt made me enter but I quickly lost to a sleazy "pretty woman" lookalike. I will say she looked awesome. This Halloween night was especially memorable for me. Seems like I really let myself go more than ever..... I used to dread this season, but now I mostly equate it with fun and fabulous times.

cousins at MHF

Until next year....

See ya!


partii said...

How can my pretty woman lose to a sleazy "pretty woman"!

jill said...

Great post!!! I LOVE the pictures!!! You looked SO amazing this year, I loved the eye make-up/contacts! Nick's masks always seem to get a little worse than the year before (more freaky). Believe it or not, I did not make it the the Haunted Forest, believe me, it wasn't for a lack of trying.

What a fabulous holiday!!!

Mitch said...

Nicks mask reminds me of the band slipknot(kaaraaazzzzyyy!) I actually think it IS one of their very masks. And i'm just like you; i always say i won't dress up but ALWAYS end up dressing up for the occasion. I LOVE getting in retarded clothes and putting on another personality. That's why i absolutely CANNOT go "hip hop" dancing if i don't have my Tall T shirt on, two watches, du-rag, reeboks, and adidas pants. Same goes for 80's dancing. I will NEVER get tired of dressing up. Never never never! Good post. Looks like it was a really good year back there. I wouldn't know.

Mrs. Organic said...

Everyone looks great - are those colored contacts? Maybe one of these years, you can talk my sis into dressing up.

Me said...

You look awesome. I wish that I was into Halloween more, but I rarely dress up. Your kids looked great too. I can only imagine how long the costume assembly and make-up takes.

Sounds like you live in an amazing community! Thanks for sharing.

Suzanne said...

Holy Conoly! You are one HOT red head with straight hair! WOW!! The other thing that blew me away is that no matter how scary Nick's masks are, his piercing blue eyes are what the eye is focused on!

You guys get way into costume and makeup! I swear, we are losing the spirit of Halloween out here in Utah! We do trunk or treats which are great for the little ones, but totally take away from the spirit of halloween. Decorating homes have decreased I would say 70%.

Anyway, great post, one hot witch and sounds like a great night! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

Are you back already???
*Completely freaked out by your husbands mask.. Enough to have nightmares.
* You look so pretty in your costume..I'd save the wig if I were you.. :)
* I LOL at the clown. He looks not so happy to be a clown..
* All of the costumes are darling!
Love Napoleon Dynamite!!

Jayne Layne said...

What great pictures. Your eyes and costume are awesome! Everyone really looked so good this year!