Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The house that Jack built

...with Johnny, Mitchell, George, Gabe, Camille,
Tate, Coleman, Natalie, Nicholas, James, Caroline and Elizabeth

Anj and Eric had us over for FHE. It was a good time for all. We really let the kids make them more the most part.. that's just the type of parents we are!

watch and learn boys

where's daddy?

teamwork...can it be?

just Nick holdin' the roof together
I'm so hands on

mother and child

"Quick Little Mouse...hide!"

Oh, where has it gone? I hate the season to end.


Jek said...

Cute and fun. I wanted to make gingerbread houses this year.

Up in Bubbles said...

That was so fun. Thanks for getting those houses they were really neat. I was wondering the same thing, "Where did it go"? This year went by at record speeds. (Sad)

Ann Marie said...

What fun that you all get together so much, and do such great things!

I Love the picture with you and Camille, and Jill and Caroline. Soo cute! Camille's shirt is darling BTW..

For some reason, it felt like there should have been a few more weeks of December.
Almost everyone I know took down Christmas Decor before Christmas was even over. I just don't get it. I feel sad when it's all down.. My house looks so empty. Plus, it takes me like 3 days to get it all down and put it all back...so I'm never in a hurry! :)

VEGAS VIC said...

Thanks for the update. That looks like a fun night. Nice of Anj and Eric to host. Loved the pics


Suzanne said...

Your gingerbread houses are professional! I am so impressed! Way to read a book in front of the children. Literacy at its best! -Suzanne