Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome Razler

(stolen from J&K's blog)

We just wanted everyone to meet our newest member of our household this Christmas season. Razler the elf hails from Rekjavik Iceland but has lived with Santa and the other elves since 1908. Razler wanted to succeed in everything he did, so he took up toy making at the tender age of 8 and worked tirelessly making children's Christmas' memorable. After retiring from toy making at 23 Razler studied hard to become the North Pole's first ever OB/GYN. From 1938 to 1988 he successfully delivered 34,000 elves. A record that still stands today at the North Pole. After a brief sabatical Razler decided to inquire about a santa's helper position as he thought this would be easy on the body and soul. A career jump that he has enjoyed ever since and we are so fortunate to have him in our home this Christmas.

Welcome Razler!!

I just read this and laughed my booty off....thought it'd be
fun to share!
Good post Big Johnny!


Jek said...

Freakin hilarious! DId he do c-sections or strictly canal of fear deliveries?

Ann Marie said...

Oh I bet he is sooo popular!
I love how creative your family is!

Mitch said...

Elves would never dare to face the canal of fears jek. They are strictly there for c-sections. Seeing as how elves come out already grown to their full size, the risk this takes on the mother is a risk too high for Santa to take. I believe it was 1914 when they finally abolished C.O.F birthing. I'm just glad that The North Pole is a democracy.