Friday, January 23, 2009

"Ooooh....Baby, Baby!"

First stop in Viva Las Vegas was to see my newest little nephews, Mitchell and Matthew.  I was surprised at how little they still were--as small as my babies at birth.  I told Jek it's not fair she gets the newborn stage (my very favorite) for triple the time of us normal people. 

They loved me instantly and let me squoosh them together like this for at least an hour.  It made me a little depressed and caused me to wonder if I should get my tubes back untied. Man, if only you could skip that little part called pregnancy I'm sure I'd go it again.

Here's me with the au pair.  He really is Jessica's nanny, don't let him tell you otherwise.  He plays with Alexis and is over to help everyday--doesn't love diaper download necessarily--but is always good for a plate of JM cuisine and whatever else needs to be done.

It was great to hug on this one for a bit.  She's every ounce an adoring big sister and made sure to remind me countless times in her breathy voice, "You can't take ma babies Jennifa."

So if you think they're adorable....get a load of their room--pure eye candy!  Jek is one talented chick when it comes to pulling it together with charm and style.

When I visited in November we painted the frames and dresser and got the room somewhat set up. Here it is in it's finished glory.

Of course pictures don't nearly do it the justice it deserves.  It is definitely the cutest boy room I have EVER seen.  The aqua and red are smashing together.

I love how she mixes vintage and whimsical pieces with the modern bedding.  I'm bummed I didn't get a better picture of the retro light which is a perfect touch!

Isn't she fabulous.  She is managing these rascals like a champ and it was a high being with her. She is so funny, upbeat and darling--I just crave her and miss her like crazy. I love you Jekky-- you are a doll.  Oh, and just so you tubes aren't really tied.


Me said...

How fun! Your nephews are darling. I just don't understand how she does it with twins. I've never been able to handle more then one at a time.

And the nursery is fabulous. I'm jealous. I'm probably not doing much with this baby because he is going to be taking over my daughters room for just a year or two until we can finish the basement. I LOVE the dresser too!

Lauralee said...

oh that room is adorable.. almost as adorable as those babies.. 2 for 1 is quite a deal! what a fun time to hang out with family!

careymc said...

Man, those babies are cute! How fun for you to come and meet them. And that nursery is THE cutest room I have ever seen. :)Seriously.

Ann Marie said...

Yay! I loved looking at all of the pictures! Your Dad is so cute! I'm sure he is a "superb" nanny...
Those nephews of yours are just precious! Makes ME baby hungry!!

You and your sisters are so bold with color! I am amazed at how many fun things and ways you use it! I adore the frames with their initials in it.. So fun!

The picture of you holding the 2 of them together is precious..precious!!

Mitch said...

Way to put your camera to work. Those pictures look great. The black and white is a cute cute picture. I'm glad she's getting a new SLR so that they can continue snapping good pictures. Sucks i couldn't come down and see you nerdles. NEXT TIME!

jill said...

DARLING POST!!!! Those babies are edible! I LOVE the picture of you holding both babies! And you and dad and the babies! I loved them ALL!!

Their room is to die for! Jek has such talent!! I wish she could help me with my girls' room, it's driving me crazy!

Jek is da bomb!!!

Jayne Layne said...

What a great post! Those babies are just so stinking cute, and Matthew (I think, sad I don't know) looks identical to Mitch.

That nursey is 100% to die for, you don't expect much less from her though. I loved every picture

Anonymous said...

LOOK AT Thing #1 and Thing #2. 100% CUTE.


Laura said...

Hi Jenn-It's Jason's sister Laura...hope you don't think I'm a blog-stalker;) I wanted to tell you thanks for posting these darling pictures!! I've been dying to see the nursery! And I can't get enough of Alexis and the babies:) The boys are just precious, I can't wait to hold them! Thanks again:) Laura