Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

How do you take pictures when you're all alone?  In the mirror of course--just try not to go blind in the process.  

Nick and I spent three days in Vegas last week for our anniversary on January 2nd. It's usually our tradition not to celebrate cause we're pretty much done in with all the other celebrating. Why didn't we listen to people when they said not to get married around the holidays? Anyway, it's awesome to get away--so we're trading our old habits for new ones starting now.

We chose the Venetian because all the rooms are suites and it's just a great hotel all the way around.

Cool lobby

Checking in

The very first thing we did was run by the chapel to renew our vows in our swimming suits.  It was really spiritual and we both ended up just bawling through the whole ceremony.  No one else was there but THE KING.

He took me in his arms and sang "Love Me Tender" to cheer me up.  I don't think he realized they were tears of joy...but why ruin the moment?

Nick (for some sick reason) is opposed to going to Europe so every time we walk through "Paris," "Monte Carlo" or in this case "Venice" he always thinks it's so funny to say.."See, now we've been to Venice.  Just like the real thing."  I try really hard not to be uber bugged since I know I'll get my way eventually (with or without him)!

On a happier Nick note...we spent Wednesday morning at the mall on the strip.  The Fashion Show is where I spent most of my mall time as has since been redone and is super nice.  He was a champ and shopped and shopped and spoiled me like crazy.  It was really awesome I will say.  I got some great stuff...I mean REALLY cute things!

Mom and Dad babysat for Jason and Jek so they could meet us for dinner.  We had really good Mexican food overlooking the water and had such a fun time with the couple who "never gets out anymore."

I love these pictures I took of Jessica without the flash.  I really wish I could make this work more often, since they always seem to look better without the light explosion.

It was a major treat to hang out with them...wish it wouldve' been a little longer.

After dinner Nick and I went to the MGM to see a Cirque du Soleil show called KA.  It was pretty awesome.  It wasn't as good as the other ones I've seen, but was entertaining for sure.


We had such a fabulous day.  It made me realize that even if it's short, it's worth it.  When you are without kids, phones, and normal life distractions in general, 24 hours become 48.

Smiles everyone....smiles!


partii said...

next year we're going to ..... egypt!

"aka Luxor"

Jayne Layne said...

That was funny Nick!

That was a fun post, and your trip looked really fun! I am glad you got to visit so many different cities while there!

I am definitely jealous of the shopping spree and you getting to see those twins and Jek! You look great! Your boots are wonderful...

Suzanne said...

First of all, the boots are AWESOME!! You look FANTASTIC in them!! Second, I am so jealous you got to stay at the Venetian. Third, that awesome little husband better take you to Europe asap because of the month(s) you endure for the Haunted Forrest! Ya hear me Nick!! She deserves it! -Suzanne

JENNIFRO said...

Smartest words I've heard all year Suzanne--could they work I wonder?? GRACIAS!

Sara and Brad said...

Ok, love love love the boots! where did you get them??? Wow! you guys are such a good lookin couple and just look so happy :) I loved the pics with the boats strolling through the little towns... how romantic.

Ann Marie said...

Happy 16th! WoW!

The hotel looks dreamy. I loved all of the pictures.. but, where are all of those shopping finds? I wanna see!

I hope he doesn't dislike Europe because of the mission.. I am curious as to why now..
You look so cute in the last picture!

Ps: Jayne's baby is BEAUTIFUL!

jill said...

How about Paris Nick?

"aka Paris hotel" Trust me, it's nicer, newer.

What a fun post! That's great that you two got away. I'm glad that you took so many great pictures, and good job taking the shut-ins out! They look a little pale. You look mahvelous!

Jek said...

How about taking her to Hawaii.

Oh yeah, you've been there done that with the germans on your honeymoon.

Great post Jenn. that was such a fun 48 hours. I love these little 48 hour jaunts you come on. Is that the right word? The pics look great, i can't wait to order my camera today!

Mrs. Organic said...

Cute boots and little brown dress. Glad you had fun, all those babies are adorable.

careymc said...

What a great post! :) Happy anniversary (we got married around the holidays too - - so hard to celebrate). Loved that you renewed your vows complete with the King AND a spiritual experience.... ;)
PS - I spent the majority of my time at the FS mall growing up too! I shopped AND worked there - - oh, the memories. I'm sure we ran into each other at some point...

careymc said...

PS - I DIG those boots!!!!!!!!!!!

{Mo} said...

I'm with everyone else... love the boot! Looks like you had some great couple time. Isn't the Venitian the best? We stayed there this summer for a little fun/work (Polaris convention) get away. Even with the meetings it was a nice break form the kiddos. Which is something you just have to do! Congrats on 16 years ~ Monica

{Mo} said...

Correction.... I like the BOOTS, one boot would look pretty silly, right?

JENNIFRO said...

Boots = Marshalls!