Monday, February 16, 2009

Pump It (louder)
Anything's better than the pig

I got nothin' but Nick begged the pig head off.  How bout a little dance party USA?

Turn up the radio, blast your stereo 
right now

This joint is fizzlin
it's sizzlin

(yo, check this out right here)

F-R-E-S-H we (fresh)
D-E-F that's right we def (rock)

We definite B-E-P, we rappin it

So, turn it up (turn it up)
turn it up (turn it up)
Common baby, just

Pump it (louder)
Pump it (louder)
Pump it (louder)


Jayne Layne said...

What a great post! I know that will be loved by our family for sure! That song always reminds me of GREAT family dance parties! What cute little kiddies!

Suzanne said...

It looks like they had a ball!! I cannot help but see the book shelves finished that were made a while back. I was chuckling at some of your book collections.
I say, dancing pictures are a MUST!! We should all do this! Just makes you feel good to even look at! Plus, the pig is a goner! Phew! -Suzanne

VEGAS VIC said...

Hi, darling kids. Does Camille have a black eye in that first phot0? If so how did that happen?
Was that during George's birthday party or what?

Jayne Layne said...

No Mom her hair is just in her face. That must have been the when Johnny and Kelley were in Utah.

Ann Marie said...

I love dance parties!
These will be the funnest pictures to look back on one day...
I also thought there was a black eye on your baby.. Too funny!

I love the adorable old-fashioned nightgown your oldest daughter is wearing.. Did you make it? Is there a pattern?? I would Love it!

Ann Marie said...

And nothing to do??

I have a zillion tags..
How about the Sweetheart tag..
Tell us about you and Nick..
You've gotta post before you flee town again!

I remember a while back you were going to share something about his mission...??

Mitch said...

Good stuff. I have a new song that might get the blood flowin. I'll save it for our trip this summer. It'll be a hit amongst the young and old. Tell mitchell that only girls can flash. Doesn't work for boys. Unless you're lance bass.

VEGAS VIC said...

When I was looking on someones blog, I saw an ad for Acai berry supplements. I just can't remember whose blog it was.
The commenter said they had used it and I was wanting to get in touch with that person. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Anonymous said...

So cute. Looks like they had a great time while we were gone. Kel