Friday, April 10, 2009

My Sad Song of an Unsent Letter

When I'm with you baby I go outta my head and I just can't get enough I just can't get enough

But, oh, what can you do when he's dressed in black? Complicating, circulating. Yet the policy of truth is

I feel fragile, like a baby in your arms, and everyday there are flies on the windscreen (for a start)

reminding us we could be torn apart. But, I haven't felt so alive in years and

As desperately as my soul begs you to come here, touch me, kiss me, touch me, now

I know it will forever be perceived as a question of lust, a question of trust, a question of not letting what we have built just crumble to dust...

It is all of these things. And more.

So here is a plea, my heart to you, because nobody knows me as well as you do.

You know how hard it is for me to shake the disease.

And I recognize in a case like this, it's just a question of time before tears are falling.

For you, words are very unnecessary they can only do harm. You can hold tight and enjoy the silence but,

Things like this make me sick.

Understand me.

Some people have to be permanently together, lovers devoted to each other forever. And that is me. So I gotta get back to where

I can take a ride with my best friend and still see the stars they're shining bright because the worst kind of diseased mind is one filled with jealousy.

I will not ask for you to never let me down, only

to be gentle with me...... I'd never willingly do you harm.


with every thought and with every breath.

How many songs can you name 
without googling?


Ann Marie said...

I only didn't recognize 2. Am I supposed to name each one?

The funny thing is.. Many of the sentences have the title right in it.. Just can't get enough, shake the disease, enjoy the silence, on and on...

Some great reward was my first album? Maybe 2nd..

DM will always be one of my most favorite bands..

Have you seen them in concert? I love that David Gahn(sp?) always faces the crowd and shakes it (many times) for all to see. He sure thinks he's something...

Are they coming there? They come here Aug. 25th.. I'm trying to decide to go or not to go..

Great post Jen!!!
Everything counts in large amounts... :)

Anonymous said...

You hung on to that letter lo these many years? That's interesting indeed. All I can say is: "Precious and fragile things need special handling."

partii said...

your cleverness never ceases to amaze me.... seriously.

Kimmie said...

Hi Jennifer....I actually linked here from Ann Marie's site. I am also a fellow Depeche Mode Lover and I even did a post in March on my Blog about the tickets we go to Depeche Mode in August.

Anyway, your writing style is SO much fun to read and I also like to crank up "PUMP IT" from the Black eyed peas and get energized as well!

I was also born in 1970 and am the oldest of 6 kids.

I loved your tribute you did to your hubby. That is SO sweet and it is so great to see couples out there that are so in love and appreciate each other.

What an adorable family you have! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

jill said...

I LOVED that!!! Seriously! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to check out your blog. I'm a little nuts lately! I can't believe that you were able to think of all those lyrics and put it together so beautifully. Long Live Depressed Mote (as dad calls them).

I remember the day that you and Mr. H. were on the outs, you picked me up from Bethany Amundsen's house and you had been crying.

Poor guy, little did he know he would live to regret it... ;)