Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog Ketch-up:
Poundin' it Out

El Dia de Madre

This Mother's Day was a highlight for me.  It was the first one I've spent with my mom in decades, I think.  (I know, you're thinking..how sad!) Well, chin-up people it was a very lovely day indeed!  Jill and Rob had the masses over for a BBQ and it was loads of fun.

Mom and Dad here with everybody's favorite daughter.
(my blog my opinions)  

Sister Natalie supplied the kicks and giggles.  In plainer terms...boys winning prizes for their girls. First up was the egg toss.  They had to throw the egg to their partner, getting further and further away with every throw.  Eventually, as you might have guessed, the egg either splatters on the ground or in their hands.  

Guess it's fitting that Eggy wins the Egg toss with his
sidekick, Egghead.

Right now you're thinking.  How could Jen be so foolish!!  That picture is downright blurry! Believe it or not, I smeared their faces myself.  Days ago when I used this photo for the Gabe-Camille post it wasn't ten minutes for the emails and whining started in.  They both insisted it was a heinous pic that by no means did justice to their unrefined rico suave and manly beauty. No one calls me insensitive cause I took that bad boy down.  I think they'll be fine with it now.

Kolette donned her Mother's Day necklace that she wears every Mother's Day.  I forget how the tradition goes, but I remember it's very exotic.  Something to do with Cleopatra...

Anjie digesting pork loin.

live. love. laugh.

Niki and Flash pondering the "one jumper at a time" rule.

It never fails, John does his obligatory ten minutes with the adults, then is off to find more like-minded people.  The kids LOVE him...but not as much as their parents.  Oh wait, Nick's there too.  Good job Babe!  Wayda be hands on!

Ahhh Caroline.....this is the life.  Wouldn't you say?

John hoisted me up and cantered full-speed, zig-zagging across the lawn.  Never a dull moment eh Jake and Jim!?

It wouldn't be a real celebration if there weren't at least seventeen birthdays being sung to. This time it was Natalie H and Matt M.  Kids lighting sparklers...only a few heads of hair caught fire.

What I failed to highlight in this post is what I'll really remember from the night.  The Couples survey.  Every couple took a "how well do you know your wife" quiz  (another one of Natalie's brain childs). Well...some men when they got to the last question "One word to describe your wife" put down such charming adjectives as "beautiful....smart....tree-hugger...coin-collector"  you know, the usual win-me-overs. But not my man...he preferred to cross out his first choice (competent) and go straight for the jugular in front of his mother, my mother and 20 something witnesses.  "SELFISH."  Ah yes...he thinks.. in a word, that should do it!

Poor Nick.  Still paying for that one aren'tcha! (iphone, new car, back patio...) 

Inside jokes. Never do come off right in public.


partii said...

It was LESS not ISH, selfLESS, SELFLESS! No one listened to what I said, only what they thought "worked".

Mitch said...

That looks like it was fun. I wish i was there. You have an iphone? Man, you're for sure at baller status. MTV should give you a show. Just kidding. I wish i had one.

Mrs. Organic said...

Um, jealous about the iphone. And may I say, you're looking amazing!

JENNIFRO said...

Don't have the iphone YET. Getting the new model this month...I'll be holding him to it!

Suzanne said...

Haha!! Poor Nick!! Bad choice of words, now everyone is going to remember that and think he is a jerk. Lots up public kiss butt to make up for that one.

That picture of Angjie sitting there and your commenting on her digesting made me bust out laughing!

So happy the parentals made it out to visit you. It is SSOOO green there! WOW! You look so tiny up on your brothers shoulders! Great post, it was a great update! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

Oh poor Nick.

The pictures look like LOADS of fun! No wonder the whole family wants to be out there.. you always have a party going on!!

I laughed at the picture od Anjie too.. But only because she always looks so serious... Too funny!

Love ALL of your pictures..
Do you eat? Seriously...

jill said...

What a fun time that was!! Thanks to Natalie the games were great! Fun pictures, great night, I LOVED having mom and dad in town. You will notice my reaction when the sparklers came out, did you see me in the background? I think it was because they were being handed out to every infant, toddler and insane child. I was having flashbacks to when I got burned with one OUCH!!!

Nick, you should be ashamed of yourself! ;0)

Christian said...

Yikes! BB, listening?

Anonymous said...

Awe, Jennifro, cut the guy some slack. Anyone who will spontaneously hug his aunt by marriage any time he sees her (which isn't often) is okay in my world. What is one word? You will get your iPhone. Glad to share in your family gathering. Games are a good idea. Susan does this for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I will mention it for Mothers/Fathers Day. All is well here. Did I mention we have two live 45 pound turkeys in the forest as I write? Not sure of their future. They were used for a Road Rally Sue, Will and boys put together Saturday night. Dylan mentioned something about eating them. This I have to see from beginning to end.

Ann Marie said...


Soo nice of you and your Brother to comment on my Killers post.
Your Brother is a cool celebrity in my opinion to have "connections."

I squealed inside when I read your comments! Please tell your brother thanks for taking the time to come to my blog and comment. His information added JOY to my night!

~ And Jen.. We are music twins. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the change of words Nick you are clever. That was a great mothers day with good food and fun. Natalie gets extra props because she did all the amazing games and it was her birthday. She always has something fun up her sleeve. Kel

Meet the Romney Family said...

That sounds like SUCH a perfect Mother's Day, Jen--and I have to tell you, I ALWAYS love how you write about everything. You never fail to make me giggle. And P.S. I think "selfless" fits much better--I'm inclined to believe Nick when he says that's what he really put down. :)