Saturday, September 5, 2009

DC Day I

Anj and I got brave and toted the kids to DC for the afternoon... something we've never done without the boyz, far as I can recollect. We had a great time. Didn't see much besides a few gardens and the National Gallery of Art (the guard sniffed after us and our brood the whole time!), but it was nice to know we could navigate the city on our own. We also enjoyed some fantastical food at the American Indian museum where the kids quite enjoyed the rainbows on the walls. All free in DC. 'Cept no free lunch!


Ann Marie said...

Yay for almost free days!

Love the rose..

Suzanne said...

I've been to DC once in my life and I would love to go back. So much history and museums and lots to do. Way fun that you guys are so close to it all! -Suzanne