Sunday, September 6, 2009


Two days after I went with Anjie, I went down again with my bro and sisters. This kinda thing never happens. We're usually pretty content to do nothing or just talk about doing something but we're from Vegas, so we went just to beat the odds. Even Jill who tried to back out the last possible second drove down. I assured her that Johnny was going and he makes everything fine. He'd park her car if needs be. Sure enough as soon as we got down there...there was John on the side of the road hoppin' in with Jill. He's cool.

I can't quite remember if we actually went in anywhere, but we did eat in the Old Post Office and I'm pretty sure I had the nastiest Reuben ever invented and paid for the most expensive Ben & Jerry's ice-cream scoop on the planet served by the strangest and worst employees I've ever witnessed. No matter. We had lots of laughs. Lots. Wait. We did go in somewhere. The Natural History and saw a movie on the big screen. Now if I could only remember what it was. This is the problem with trying to catch up on your blog months and months after the fact. The kids loved the Marilyn Monroe vents best of all. Who wouldn't? Oh yeah. Under the Sea. That was the movie. 3D.


Ann Marie said...

That last shot is priceless.

You look Fab in green.

Love that you all had an outing together.. and glad you had fun in spite of the yucky and expensive food and bad service.. :)

jill said...

Remember how angry and ornery I was that day? Oh that was a real fun day for me and my kids! Let's not do it again, just kidding, I'll bring my happy face next time and make sure to take my bi-polar pills (JK I'm not bi-polar, at least I don't think I am)