Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Freshman Boyfriend

The best of her life

bordered by mountains of childhood

where they made a first home

with fast friends up the street

The boys of this house
they changed life forever

reminisce, reacquaint
beside a new generation

She waves to sweet places

and forgotten spaces

it's fast and it's fleeting

but change, it is fixed.

She leaves all behind

but for one thing.


Jayne Layne said...

WOW that was the catch up of all catch ups! That was really fun, and its crazy to think that I am and was part of all of those posts. Crazy to be here.

VEGAS VIC said...

That was really neat and touching.

Jek said...

When you said that you were going to stay home and do your blog you really meant it sis! Loved all of that, could do without the underwater fotos! Great job recapping!

Ann Marie said...

I love to see the old homes where you lived! Your Documenting your history! ~ Love it!!

You must have gotten your camera working. :)

Great picture of your guy!

partii said...


jill said...

Nice....Boy was he worth it!!!

Suzanne said...

AAAHHHHH!! I loved all the posts!! I need to register and think what I want to say to all!! I will be back! It has just been crazy over here, but I swear I will be back! -Suzanne

Suzanne said...

I love it when stories have real life pics to go with. Makes it seem like we were there. That Nick, he's a keeper! - Suzanne

Tammy said...

So fun! I remember those places as well! And the MTC with Nic and his brother there! I still have all the little notes you all left me at the MTC almost daily! Fun memories!