Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like

By dern, I'm catchin' up if it kills me! Short and sweet like the last catch ups but documented nevertheless. It's been our tradition to convene at E & A's for years now, where we always have a marvelous time...thanks friends. At dusk we meet for food and fun then head to Kentlands for the happiest little trick or treating on earth.

the mini's

the ma's

we so crazy!

the pa's

Can't top these nerds!

with an emphasis on nerds

Poppin' balloons!

Here's the front circle at the Haunted Forest. This was a super memorable night for me since it was the FIRST TIME IN YEARS I got to go to the Forest on Halloween without kids. Thank you Nicholas for turning 12! "Everyone! Clap for Nicholas!!!"

Nick left his post for a quick howdy doody then was off again. He is a die-hard scarerer!

Jack o Log... cooler than ever. What a clever concept and real crowd pleaser!

Little clown got to come out cause Uncle Johnny brought his kids, and you know his motto "The more kids the merrier!" not my problem... C ya kid!

Eggy was on the mixer or whatever it is..the scratcher? Either way spinning some sweet tunes. Great getup Ska-boy!

Here with everyone's favorite Geisha. Paul is one of the wittiest guys alive.
Always a treat to run into him...

in or out of drag.

We had SO much fun going through together...probably the simple fact that we had ditched the kids, made it extra exciting and novel--just GoOd oLd fAshIOned giGGly, giGGLy, girl fUn!
(Funked up the font to show you how much F-U-N we had. giGGly giGGly!!)

We really got into it and played up the fear factor. The fact that we know a good hunk of people working in it..and knew they (yo Notch!) were on the look-out for us, made it extra suspenseful.

back it up freak circus girl!

I love Jayne's face here. This is pretty much her expression the whole way through. Stinkin hilarious really. It's like she took everything personally. Hard to explain. VERY funny.

Kelley got mowed down in the circus tent.

We laughed our heads off

Jeepers, Creepers

D. P is awesome at the chainsaw he pretty much took his job to new heights this night!

It was like the chainsaw gift that just kept on giving! Jessica was maniacal...hopping around as he tried to chop her legs to pieces.
Another hilarious thing to laugh at.

Nicolai in the junkyard. Always the last guy you see...
Same time next year, girlfriends!


partii said...

never gets old!!

VEGAS VIC said...

Thanks for catching up. Catch up something else tomorrow. I love it. The picture of Kelley on th ground laughing was tooo funny.

Ann Marie said...

I love your catch ups!
Well.. I just love your blogging!

Your haunted forest would seriously be the funnest most exciting/scariest thing ever! I would SOOO have to wear depends. I seriously would be peeing everywhere! Especially with chain saw man. Seriously.

Sorry I still havent sent your letter. If only my intentions were as good as my actions??

I love ya and still hope your going to blog your furniture party.. :)

Mitch said...

Jealous anger as usual

Anonymous said...

After seeing your Halloweens, there are truly times that I wished I liked this holiday. Maybe next year. Aunt Nancy

jill said...

Too bad I was such a party pooper that night!! Kelley on the ground was HILARIOUS!!! I liked the pic's of Paul, he's seriously hilarious!

Kimmie said...

I just love your Blog!! I am amazed at all of the FUN you have for every holiday. There's never, ever a detail missed!

Your Thanksgiving was truly out of this world amazing!! My hubby and I have enjoyed very much all of your photos. I am in awe at all of the work you and Nick's families do to enjoy the holidays! I wish I could do things on the smallest scale as awesome guys do. Those photos of all of you out near the barn with the horse...spectacular and ominous!

I hope you realize how lucky you and your kids are to enjoy life in such an awesome way!!

Your words and poems really touch me and make me think about what's important in life. It is truly a joy every time I visit your Blog.

Sorry it's been so long. I just feel like I'm running from one brush fire to another and haven't had the time that I would like to comment like I should.

Thanks for inspiring me daily and for your friendship! Hope things are going well with you and your holidays!

BTW...loved the photos/music on your tables for Thanksgiving. Are those songs that you copied and sang and they were little booklets with peoples photos on the front? Whatever they are they would be a great addition for a Christmas party.

Enjoy your day!

Jayne Layne said...

This was a FUN post! Nick is right, it never got old! I was craving more HF! I say next year we ditch the kids every friday, and then again on Halloween. That was too fun. I had no clue it was DP chasing me... Seriously that chainsaw was so scary, I was completely on top of a complete stranger at three different points. I hate when they touch your leg with the stupid thing.

Anyway, that was a blast. Glad you posted about it. I will need to steal some of those pics.

Jayne Layne said...

Oh and Jill.... Next year you will be there for all HF outings!

Jayne Layne said...

PS has anyone enlarged the 9th picture from the bottom and taken a good look at Jessica? It seems Jessica was looking at someting far more serious and sad then the rest of us. Funny pic. She looks like she is witnessing an awful car accident.

Anonymous said...

Fun pics. I am glad you are catching up. Kel