Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bring it

5 pm during the huge snow Eric sends this pic and message, "Let it snow! I think we'll hit 2 feet..then we can get dragged around on tubes behind the jeep..."

So that's what we did to close out the Sabbath.

The farm was picture perfect

I tried to block the kid "what if's" from my mind

I was so close to staying home but J and K applied
pressure and I'm so glad they did. Hello Baby Jocelyn..
Don't most eight month olds speedily fly behind jeeps?

One tough chick. She and Allie and Isabel just kept screaming,
"faster and faster." Daddy delivered.

Snowballs. Boys.

You're cute, beanie head

Six kids, one four wheeler
Mother? Does that meet code?


Synchronized something

We so, so


Thanks E for bringin' it on!

Snow. Family. Friends.
I love you.


Anonymous said...

That was a fun time. Glad you came. Kel

Suzanne said...

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! You guys totally took advantage of that large amount of snow! Well done! Well done! I was smiling the entire post as I was reading it. Was that you or Jill on the tubes with the kids? I'm leaning towards Jill, but the verdict is still out. Hope you had som nice hot chocolate and a warm fire to heat everyone up! I am simply amazed by all of you. Especially E and his Jeep. Holy Canoly! -Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the good old days when grandpa would do the same for us. Loved seeing it! Aunt Nancy

Ann Marie said...

The barn pictures are adorable!

I'm glad the girls talked you into it.. we do this alot with the 4-wheelers too...We love good old "snow *hick* fun!"

It's so great to see you all enjoying the snow.. I like to sled if it's sunny and warmer-- but I hate the cold!!

Enjoy your Winter Wonderland...

JENNIFRO said...

Suzanne..Jill did NOT partake of the adventure I'm afraid. And Ann, the snow has been long gone for weeks. Sadly.

Williams Family said...

Hey, it's Jay's sister Laura (new blog)...loved this recent post!! It looks so pretty and fun. Hope all is well:)

Me said...

How fun. Sometimes I just miss being a kid and not worrying about everything. Sadly, I haven't sledded or tubed for YEARS! But my kids love it and I love watching them. Your pictures made me smile and brought back so many memories of mine so THANK YOU!

Jayne Layne said...

Fun! Can't say I should have been there though. I find, in the snow, the fun ends for me in about 10 minutes, and then I am miserable and want to go home. Looked great though!

Mitch said...

That looked fun. I'm all about snow when it comes to the fun. It's the miserable walking around in slush all day that i hate. Tubing and all that never get old though.

Kimmie said...

I love every season! The beautiful snow photos you were posted were spectacular!!

I love how you talk in your post when you are talking about your little girl' We so, SO COLD! You have such a fun way with words and you always make me smile with your cleverness. (I will never forget your post on the mouse "I dis holding a mouse").

The red barn photos could be on a card, or on a calendar they are that amazing.

What a picture perfect day you had! Thanks for sharing your FUN and sharing the beauty of the winter wonderland where you live.

Hope it's been a wonderful week for you!

VEGAS VIC said...

When I was little, grandpa would tie our sled to the car and then go down to the fields and pull us behind. We absolutely loved it. If I hadn't done that I would be crazy thinking about you guys doing it. In all truthfulness, it does freak me out a little. (faster, faster, 8 mos., crying, freezing 4 year old.) Just those things.

Nidhi said...

Wow! That looks like a whole lot of fun. I am truly inspired to take my kids out when it snows next :>)
Came to you through Ann Marie's blog.