Thursday, May 6, 2010

I don't know what it is with me, or if it's true of human nature, that when you are the most busy and stressed you choose to do something totally unnecessary and unrelated to the task at hand. That would be this post. I haven't written in over a month due to "busyness," yet I choose the day of our dress rehearsal to explain myself. Maybe this will be just the therapy I need to keep the cold sores from rearing their ugly head, however. The last time I did something similar to this, I got two of the most horrific herpes on my lips the night before the performance... I could barely face people I was so heinous. Wish my lips luck, please.

Two months ago, our Bishop decided to have our ward perform the second act of the play Savior of the World and asked me to direct it. It has been a major undertaking for many of us and I have pretty much loved every minute. Anyone who's ever been part of a cast and crew knows the camaraderie that comes along with a production, and I have entirely enjoyed the whole experience. Nearly everyone in my family has taken part in one form another-- from acting to sewing to watching all the actors' kids in the basement of the church, it's been a tremendous group effort for our family and our ward. I have to admit I'll be sad to see it end.

My parents are in town for the week since all of their East-end kids are in it--minus me--but I feel like I am. Everyone involved has put so much heart into this show-- so I'm hoping like crazy it comes off well.. it really is a beautiful play. Why it took me six weeks to sit down and write this, I'll never know. But boy will Nick be thrilled "Flyin' Free" has been bumped a notch!


The Bobos said...

Good luck! I heard my brother Jeff was going to be an angel in it or something. I'm sure it'll be spectacular. I wish I could be there to see it!!

koleD said...

I told you to take Lysine!

jill said...

You've done a TREMENDOUS job Jennifer!!! You and the Hunters have worked tirelessly and it shows! Thank-you so much for giving this your all and helping all of us do our best! I love you and am so grateful that you have served all of us in this unique way. You deserve a herpe free weekend!!!

Suzanne said...


I am sure the show is fabulous and I was so happy to see that you are alive and not dead. (well except for the herpes problem, but whatever!) Enjoy your last moments as you savour all the hard work you have put into it. You have been in my thoughts these last 6 weeks. Go get em, girl! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

I don't know why.. but I almost cryed when I read this post.

~ Maybe because I WISH so badly that I could see it. ~ All of the work that you have put into it.. the set.. well.. just everything!!

I am sure the SPIRIT will be so strong.. and I wish you the VERY best of everything.. and hope BLESSINGS are poured upon you for giving of yourself.. your time.. and your talents to the church.
What an undertaking!!!

Congratulations Jen! I am SOOOO
Happy for you!! Love ya!!!

Kimmie said...

Jennifer, I have missed you!! You always make me laugh! ("Flyin' Free bumped a notch "and "wish my lips luck")...I chuckled hard at those statements.

Sometimes you need those spontaneous moments when you should be doing something else, to type and smile and reflect. I have done plenty of that myself.

I bet your parents are on cloud nine seeing all of their kids and grandkids. I SO wish I was there to see the performance. I am sure it was out of this world wonderful and touched many lives.

It is amazing the camaraderie that you have with the people you perform with. I go through that every year as we practice and get ready for the Community Thanksgiving performance we do each year. It is a sad thing when it's all over and you don't get to be together and practice anymore.

I can't wait to hear all about everything and hopefully see photos.

Hope your weekend has been a wonderful one and "Happy Mother's Day"!! Hope you're able to "kick up your feet", relax and ENJOY a few moments of time for YOU!

VEGAS VIC said...

Yep, it was pretty much a banner weekend for dad and me. All of you were wonderful. The script and the music were beautiful. Loved seeing our kids in something that was such a stretch, and to do it so well. The Kentlands Ward is awesome and this show proved it even again.

Up in Bubbles said...

You all did a fabulous job. What a talented family I get to be apart of. Way to go and good jobs lips for making it through. Loved it Kel