Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take that--rewind it back!
I'm going back to the start..

Well, the start of April anyway. Just because I've evolved into a quintessential blog slacker doesn't mean I don't wanna catch up now and again. Thank you iphoto for being my memory.

A few months ago we sucked it up and threw this room together. I wish I had a before and after (don't you always think of that too late?) This is our sunroom. We ditched the lace curtains and the denim slipcovers and replaced them with leather and a simple valance. It felt like a new world being able to see out of the nine windows. We recently replaced the windows-- they're so nice--it's awesome not to have to hide the old one's anymore. I'm not really a dark leather woman (unless you're thinking about my sun damaged skin in 20 years) but they've become a necessity in this room that gets the kid beat-down daily.

We painted the walls fresh and Nick spruced up the floor with a more brilliant version of the same thing. He's a trooper-- tough job.

Sort of an aqua-turquoise. For ONCE I got the color right the first time and love it! I'm in the process of redoing most of my downstairs and this is a color I want to weave throughout. When I got married and had to register at Dillards they asked me the colors of my house? Having virtually NO clue-- and still in college-- I thought of my trendy mother and her lovely Southwest decor and said crisply and confidently, "light pink and aqua!" My dear friends Eric and Anjie, have never let me live that phrase down. To my credit, however, I must have been in tune with my inner color wheel, since I've been repeating versions of the originals ever since.

Didn't have a new light, so being impatient, I sprayed the old and took off the dated-looking glass hurricane things. It looks a bit more contemporary and I like it. When I was in Vegas last, I took pictures of the high-gloss orange and red chandeliers in the gelato shop in the Bellagio. They had been spray painted--crystals and all. I loved the look. So.. here's a junkier version but still a fun splash of color.

I love how my curtains turned out. Again, being a lazy girl at heart, and wanting this re-do done lickity split, I just hot-glued my $2,000,000 trim onto the fabric and voila!--there it is.

One down. Miles to go.


Jek said...

ANd i LOVE THIS ROOM!!!!!! I loved the old sunroom until i saw the new sun room! You need to get a better pic of the floor all done. I especially love to see those wonderful neighbors of yours out those 9 windows!

Great job sis and nick!

Suzanne said...

SHUT UP!!! I love the room! LOVE IT!! and I hate you! Just kidding...well maybe! I love the open windows. I am not one that likes my windows covered. We generally leave all our back window blinds open all the time. AT this point, I don't care what the neighbors see, I want my sunshine! Could you come and do a room in my house, puh-lease! I do not have your talent, just the same taste! ;) Have a great day in your great room, punk! -Suzanne

Mrs. Organic said...

I love it all - especially the valances. And the floor. And the chandelier.

Oh gosh, all of it.

Jayne Layne said...

I love this room! I am so excited to see the rest of the house done. We will work together.

Ann Marie said...

Grateful you went back!!
You know me.. I want to see all of your house re-do's.. so please don't leave anything out!

I WISH you had a before picture.. because I wish to see what it looked like before too.. -- So for the future...
Do I ask too much? ha-ha..
I know..I do.

The Ceiling..
The CUTEST curtains...
and the open windows!

I wish I could see what the lights look like entirely painted. ( crystals and all ) because a few of the pieces I have picked up.. I have wanted to do that with.. but wondered if it would work? Hmmmm.

Anyways.. yes.. I was surprised to see the dark leather.. but that's why I like you.. you do what YOU like! :)

Happy: Decorating! Sewing! Painting! Projects! Summer!

VEGAS VIC said...

Your room looks great. I loved the whole post. The fun fabic laying on the table.
Love the tulip tree. I will have to tell mother about it.

Kimmie said...

Just had to tell you, Tracy saw this when you first posted it and I must have missed it.

We are trying to decide how to hardwood our upstairs as I really want to have a checkered board floor in our kitchen. We are putting hardwood everywhere but the bedrooms.

I LOVE what you have done with the room and LOVE your checkered board floor and you are SO lucky that you have old floors to work with.

I think I have talked Tracy into staining a checkered board pattern in our kitchen with light and dark stain to make the effect. We saw it in a magazine, so it is doable, Tracy's just not sure he is up for all the work it will take.

You should be an interior have the midas touch!! LOVE the painted chandelier...that is most awesome your choice of couches chairs and accents. I bet your room is so cheery. I would want to spend all of my free time there taking in the sun and beauty.

Can't wait to see future projects that you do. I am with Suzanne....I don't like to cover my windows either...LOVE sunshine!

Hope you are having a great week!