Friday, April 8, 2011

Elements I Love

yes please

This is the other side of the kitchen (from first pic) and is pretty much the go-to image if you google beautiful white kitchens. This is sort of my overall inspiration for our re-do. White on white, marble counters, checked floors and possibly a subway backsplash. I love the look of this, though my cabinetry won't be quite as simplistic.

I want a lot of black and white in my house and am crazy about this kitchen. We are keeping our corner cupboard, that came with the house. It's in the kitchen right outside the breakfast room. It's cute and quaint and currently white, though I am thinking of painting it black and displaying white dishes inside of it. Won't know if this will work till it's all done.

like the glass cupboards and gold touches

great sink and marble

love the turquoise and sweet backsplash. covet whatever it is. anyone know?

sink, faucet, pretty blue

just pretty. cool lights

perfect. someday.. like in heaven

more b & w that I love

a little modern for me, but nice effect overall

simple and pretty

so pleasing

Kate Spade's kitchen. like the stripe and green accents.

eclectic charm

calm and peaceful. simple but pretty

awesome soap dispenser

candy land. very cute, but over it.

for my house in France. Nick.. Oui?

love it all but the wood table in the center

not really me, but sleek and stylish

What does your dream kitchen look like?


Ann Marie said...

I can see you in each of those pictures. I LOVE that you have your own unique style....

My dream kitchen will be white on white. That first picture ( except with Hardwood floors ) and the one that says " peaceful and calm" by it are what ours will be once it's remodeled.

I can't wait to see what you and Nick create!! I know it will be lovely!

Ann Marie said...

PS: The Perfect someday.. like in heaven is so dreamy. They must not have children to have a room like that. White fabric chairs? Oy.

jill said...

I really liked a lot of the pictures!!! For me though, I like the one that says simple and calm. I would love to do "she who must not be named's" kitchen to look like that. You know I love the blue cupboard look, but those black really look sleek and the white will always look awesome!
I can't wait to see your kitchen when it's done!

Sorry for the way I'm writing as of late, it's called "tired writing," it also goes by "who the heck cares" writing.

carey said...

Ooooh. I love some of these. :) I also have a thing for white kitchens. Love the checkerboard flooring, too. Thanks for your sweet note. I always love visiting your blog and wish you Millers lived closer. We ate at Archies tonight and talked about how much we love those parents of yours!

VEGAS VIC said...

Dang, how did you ever choose? I think the back splash in the one are glass tiles. Seem to narrow to be subway. Who knows. Just get it done so I can start cooking for you. lol.

Jek said...

picture 1, 7, 8, French and 2nd to last would make me die happy.

Jayne Layne said...

woops.... looks like you failed!

JENNIFRO said...

I didn't say CONSECUTIVE days did I, Miss Layne? You're just bitter your husband left.