Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow, I must've really internalized that last post. Never did I think that would be my ticket to a four month hiatus, but I supposed I've needed it. It's 10:41 and I've been up since 5:05 when I woke in a panic that we hadn't actually purchased Mitchell's ticket to Vegas tomorrow. Rest easy, we did. I've made some good changes in my life, since we last spoke. And just now, as I'm about to utter them, I feel a powerful jinx coming on so I won't name them. But one does involve me becoming an early riser a few days a week. I have taken up early morning yoga and love it. I feel stronger and it's fun and rewarding to attempt some new tricks. I'm even learning a back walk-over again which I haven't done since probably 7th grade. I have joined the "wow it's incredible how much you can get done before 8 am" club and hope like helk I can keep it up. It seems I'll have to, considering we have decided to homeschool Mitchell and Nicholas. And as you can see it's going extremely well. I'm blogging and they are no where near the home school. To clarify, this is a private school home school so we feel no pressure to even think about starting until after Labor Day. Can you believe the decisions I'm free to make? Wait till you see how long Spring Break is!

I just got done making cookies in the middle of the morning. Something I haven't done in many, many years. I did it because we're out of cookies for the girls' lunches and also because I love a reason to be in my new kitchen. I can't believe anyone ever came up with the quote about how possessions don't bring you true happiness because as far as I can tell--this new prize HAS. It's about 95% done and I am thrilled with it. Maybe another four months will go by and I will be inspired to post pictures. The kitchen project took quite a bit longer than anticipated but I didn't mind--I was just thrilled to know it was happening. During the summer I have repainted the living room, hallway, my bedroom and kitchen, had the main level floors refinished, had a few furniture pieces recovered, dejunked the basement, gone through the food storage and purged the bad, literally organized every closet, dresser, drawer, and crap collector in the basement and main level. It has been a huge undertaking getting so much done and I am seriously proud of myself. I didn't know if I would ever find the drive to do such a thing. We still have a lot left to do--including clean out the attic, accessorize the living room, library, kitchen and my bedroom but the peace of mind comes from knowing that inside of those spaces, things are, for the most part, organized. I think my friend, Ann would be really proud of me. So would my mom.

One thing that has made me especially happy, has been getting rid of nearly everything in my kitchen. I feel like a newlywed (let's not go there) with all my fresh cooking tools, muffin tins, pans, dinnerware and silverware. I swear it has been like stepping into a brand new outfit every time I enter the kitchen in the morning.

Now I have to switch gears, call it good, and figure out how to become a teacher again. I'm using a Christian curriculum which looks pretty amazing but definitely challenging. It's a whole new mindset and learning curve, but I'm confident it will be doable. Nick and his parents are also helping so I'm lucky in that way. Nick and Mary graciously offered Nellie to be our school. They have literally cleaned the whole place out and next week Nicholas and I are going in to paint, hang chalkboards, visit ikea for desks and chairs etc.

On another note, summer has been wonderful and as usual I am devastated to see it end. This morning, when I left for class in the pitch black, I noticed it had already dropped ten degrees. Let's see how good I am when it's 30 outside. Mom and Dad have put their papers in for a mission and it's looking pretty sure they'll be here in DC so all us kids are shouting a big hurrah on that one. I'm happy today. Think I'll go lie down on the deck, eat a cookie, encourage my tan to stay a little longer, and learn some 3rd grade math.

It's nice to be talking again.


jill said...

You go girl!!! Get a learnin'! My kids are gonna challenge you like you ain't never been challenged before! Don't you forget it!

LOVE your kitchen!!!!! LOVE what you're doing with your nest!!!

Love you! Thanks for carrying my baby today, I thought I would die!

Jayne Layne said...

Well i was just coming to your blog to look at someone else and lo and behold you just posted so I decided to stop and read... I love your kitchen!!!

I also REALLY want to do yoga in the mornings with you! What time do you go to bed? Maybe i will try.

Anonymous said...

So very happy that you are back. It has been a dry summer without Jennifro in my life; but, I have survived. I can't wait to see your kitchen. Also, want to hear what it is like to home school your two sons. All is well here in Happy Valley. Jake is at the MTC until October 10 then off to Hungary. Susan drives a cute red VW company car, William is busy selling VW's, Audi's and Porsches, Cole is now a senior, Dylan a junior. They both play football and are so dang cute. Grandma is loving being grandma and their neighbor. SD kids are great. Tom is Mr. Mom when Nathan gets out of school. We have another surfer in the family. The SD girls are still as cute as ever.

VEGAS VIC said...

Love seeing you blog again. Can't wait to see the house, and I want to do Yoga too. Wonder if there is any way that I could.

Ann Marie said...

Oh how I have missed you.

I was just talking to a friend about your cute blue walls.. and came to your blog to search for one.. and had to stop and catch up with you..

Is it wrong that I feel gitty and excited reading all about the new changes? Organizing.. de-junking.. and making things new and pretty. ~ All I like to hear. ~ And I LOVE that your kitchen makes you happy each day. That is more than awesome.

I am curious to why the home schooling. -- The boys are lucky.. because they have the most excellent teacher.

Miss you.. Miss you writing.

Not going to lie.. I hope it doesn't take forever to see pictures.

And please.. not just the kitchen.. share the other spaces you've done!!

Happy for your parents.
Happy for all of the happy surrounding you.
Love ya.

Anjie said...

Change this pic you dork! Just one pic to change the psycho one of you in a blur. Please. For the love of blogging!! Lol!