Monday, October 31, 2011


Two somber clowns, a Russian princess with a $2,000 costume and a 80's workout chick. Lookin' good kids!

In keeping with tradition.. the pre trick or treat at Anjie and Eric's. Kids are growing.. Some taller than others--well done stilt boy.

No one could figure out why Naomi was going ballistic during the group photo. Jayne finally realized it's cause she hated the look of Eric.

Can you blame her?


Chief! at the gate

Go big or go home!

Nicholas spent the night cruising around Kentlands on stilts. People could hardly believe how good he was and he got stopped constantly to take pics with people. Pretty impressive! He got his mother's coordination and his daddy's desire to stand out in the crowd!

Visit Daddy at work day!

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jill said...

Loved this!!! That's so cute about Nicholas on Halloween! That kid!