Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve, Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning
Christmas Day
Christmas Dinner

Dear Readers. Today's date is February 17, 2012, and you are currently viewing Christmas 2010. I thought it best to clarify this fact because someday my daughters and daughters in law will be scrolling through this blog feasting and frothing upon my creativity and mighty bites of brilliance and in wonderment exclaim, "how on blazing earth did our mother do SO MUCH and still keep up with this incredible blog?!" To my dear daughters I say, "even Mother gets behind, but I will do my best to tell you everything I remember about two Christmas's hence."

Miller Christmas Eve Eve minus Mitch and Jenni

If only I could do justice with this one lone picture of what happens when wee little children partake in a white elephant exchange. For additional information please consult cousin Elizabeth, who is still in therapy over it.

Christmas Eve at Markoffs (Alex & Niki's) stable minus Mary and Chief
It was something like 0 degress and Eric and Jamie let the kids have free reign on the Nativity. I think Baby Jesus was an animal or a brown girl, and Julia was in shorts and barefoot.

little buddy

owl pjs

tables set

words from the elf
Natalie's grand finale as a believer. bah!

tradional Bond breakfast

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

behold! a Christmas miracle!
I mean it. I love this guy--glad he's with us. scruff and all.

Christmas kisses

baby Jesus and his director
nick, thinking ahead..

the roast beast.
the end.


Anjie said...

Let me be the first to say.... hip hip hooray!! What a nice post. Cute kids. Cute mom. Cute family. No zombie blood. Now, sit in the saddle and post Christmas 2011 etc etc etc. Good job Laffy Jaffy. I love your guts.

Ann Marie said...

Amen to everything Angie said.

But.. no pressure blogging. :)

I had a load to go back and catch up on as well.. but after seeing two blog books.. it's worth it!

Merry Christmas 2010! :)