Thursday, May 17, 2012


One of our plans this year, since we were homeschooling, was to sail the sailboat down to the British Virgin Islands and spend a month or so on the boat with the kids.  After much internal debate between me, myself and I, I decided it was too scary to set sail with my wee ones on the real live ocean.   I mean.. sharks, pirates, 25 foot swells, The Perfect Storm and White Squall playing on repeat in my mind; it was much too much for the doggie paddler inside me.  Nick smirked at all of these impossibilities, "Sharks!? Naw.." but promptly accepted his loss by two votes (me, myself and i) and began to formulate plan B.  We decided to drive to Florida and fly to St. John from Tampa due to some killer flight deal.  When the invite came, we jumped at the chance to meet E & A in Sanibel just two hours south of the airport for the first few days of our vacation.

Sanibel was awesome!  The shell beaches were surprisingly fabulous.  The sand was nice, the water warm and tame, and the entire seascape was clean and beautiful.  They let us trash crash their place and we had tons of fun:  good dinners out, castles in the sand, sleepovers and laughs.  Seemed just like old times... minus the eight annoying kids.  Oh! I'm totally kidding! only seven were annoying.

Let the beauty begin.
Thanks friends.


Anjie said...

Where shall we go next? It was loads of fun. Too bad we didn't spot an alligator and could just for fun dangle one of our kids over its mouth. That would be an awesome post for sure! Let's get out the world maps! Time for another vaca!! xo

Jayne Layne said...

LUCKY! I want to see St John pics! somewhere sunny is calling my name.