Monday, May 21, 2012


euphoria /eu·pho·ria/ an exaggerated feeling of physical and mental well-being

This trip was honestly a highlight of my life!  First of all, I'm a total sun and beach freak.  I absolutely despise that the things I love most work against me in wrinkles!  Oh well, you only live once!  Might as well do a lot of what you love.  Something that made this trip so different from other beach vacations is that you get something unique at every beach you visit.  Most of the bays are only a short distance apart but the landscape and underwater delights actually vary.  One day we'd be surfing waves, the next we'd be snorkeling the whole time catching glimpses of manta rays and squid, while another was spent spotting iguanas and shell hunting for seriously fabulous finds!

Whatever the day delivered we enjoyed it to the fullest; we dug into the sand early and and played until dinner.  The whole nine days, Nick was all shifty-eyed looking at every fixer upper we came across.  Talk about a great place for a second home!

Truly the icing on the cake of a near-perfect vacation was the age of our kids.  We'd get back to the house every day around five and feed them pancakes or something easy.  Then they'd practically shove us out the door so they could watch a movie.  You don't have to tell us twice! We got halfway-cute and literally went out to dinner every single night!  It was so incredibly awesome I can't even tell you.  We ate some of the best food ever in some really romantic and beautiful places.  We had a spicy tuna in peanut sauce that was so good we went back twice.  We had so much fun walking around together at night, eating amazing food and enjoying the culture of the island, knowing the kids were happy on their own!  I'm making myself miserable writing this.

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