Saturday, June 2, 2012


We started a new tradition--well, can you really call it a tradition if you've only done it once?  Perhaps we'll see what happens next year before giving it "tradition" status so readily.  Anyway, it was fun to think about one way each kid stood out this year.  We had a special dinner then we talked about them individually and presented them with a little prize and award. It felt like very easy to identify for each of them this go 'round.  Camille went back to kindergarten and had a wonderful year--after her false start the year before. We are so, so glad we pulled her out.  Natalie, proved to thrive in middle school and totally blossomed and came into her own this year.  She is a favorite of the teachers.  It was great having the boys home this year.  Nicholas was truly a good sport and humored me along with a great attitude and was game for anything.  Mitchell was just as nice.  He was positive, happy and very easy going.  The whole home school experience was great.  It definitely didn't turn out like I thought it would--but I don't feel bad about it.  It evolved into what it was and there it is. No guilt.  They're loved what else is there?  No guilt.

Anyway, the pictures speak for themselves.  We're blessed with exceptional kids--bottom line.  They are awesome just the way they are and it's been fun watching them take on lives and personalities all their own.  Now, bring on summer!

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