Thursday, January 2, 2014

Today's the Day

The day I start catching up on my drafts from 2012.  I'm currently writing the idiots guide on how to conduct a blog, but golly, it works for me!  I find it to be a great exercise of the mind--staring at a picture and doing my gosh darnedest to remember one thing about the event or day.  But just look at me in front of that fire.  I can honestly say this kind of morning is right up there with summer at the beach though it feels almost blasphemous to say so. The sky is white, the fire red, and my head is so in the game.  Plus, Mitchell got a beanbag for Christmas so I finally got my writing spot right where I want it.  Oh, and it's my 21st anniversary on being married.  Congrats Nick!  You're a lucky, lucky man.

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