Monday, January 28, 2008

June Cleaver Fever

Wow!  Today was one of those RARE days.  I was the lady (lady? she's probably 18 but looks 30) in the picture.  I got up, got dressed and made a hot (instant) breakfast, took the kids to piano lessons before school, made a to-do list, cleaned my whole upstairs, talked on the phone, read stories to the two little ones, planned FHE before it actually started, answered emails, drank a few shots of Emergen C, made lunch, talked on the phone, explained where President Hinckley is to little people, put on an apron (true) mid-afternoon, made rice pudding with the kids, helped with math, put dinner in the oven, cut up potatoes, talked on the phone, boiled broccoli, taught Mitchell how to set the table in the dining room, got dinner on the table (without cussing or yelling), delegated dishes to Nick while I set up Family Home Evening, and served dessert....ALL with a smile on my face the size of girlfriend's in the picture.  I don't know how or why it happened, but today domestic life was bliss.  I fear for tomorrow.


Jayne Layne said...

That actually sounded really fun. I wish I had the beauty that surrounds you. I feel like I would be more motivated to do things more beautifully... Maybe that didn't make sense.

up in bubbles said...

We all deserve to feel like this sometimes. I just wish it was a little more often. I have had a few good days in a row though, but not quite the bliss you had.