Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Baby!

Big box filled with presents and treats for the secret road trip in the morning.

She probably wondered why I got her green and black balloons
..I'm usually a pink sort of girl.

Her cute expression made it worth the expense once she realized 
what the tickets were for.  
We got the complete spaz on video. Dad gets all the credit.  I guess I'm alright with that.

 Happy Birthday sweet girl!  
You're really big for a two year old.


jill said...

How awesome was that!!! What a lucky girl!!! She deserves that on her eigth birthday and her baptism birthday to boot. I hope you have a great time, and that she will love it as much as we did!
Happy Birthday Natarie!

Lauralee said...

I found your blog thru Kristi.. love that sweet surprise for your little girl! I hope you have a great time!

I love your style!

Jayne Layne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE! I sure hope you had a good time! I sure do love you! I am so jealous!

Those pictures were so cute. How fun for her. Can't wait to see pictures of the trip!

up in bubbles said...

Happy Birthday Natalie, We love you!

kristi said...

ok so darling, i am doing this for AK - awesome. could i really pull that off?

JENNIFRO said...

I have never been MORE pleased with a surprise.