Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This is what a put on my kids' doors last Valentine's Day.  I'm glad I took pictures because I never would have remembered.  We have a girl room and a boy room.  They were really tickled to wake up and find nice things about them stuck to their door.

They must've stayed up for about a month and they were mad when I took them down.  It just shows that with kids, a little effort goes a long way.  My sister in law makes a "pink and red" dinner for her family every Valentine's Day.  I think that is a really fun tradition but I never seem to plan in advance enough to pull it off.  I think I'll settle for pink cupcakes and a set table this year.


jill said...

what a good mom! Caroline and I are making cupcakes, I can't remember being so angry while making cupcakes before. But hopefully I'm hiding it:) What a great idea for the kids' rooms. I'm sure they LOVED it!

Jayne Layne said...

that is a really good idea Jenn. Really I bet that made them feel very special to get those compliments.

Jill... That is freaking funny! Caroline is hilarious.